Tune Into These Sizzling Summer Shows

June 10, 2012 Television 0

Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family, Tuesdays @ 8/7c) – The season premiere was on Tuesday so you still have time to catch up. Last season left us with Mona getting locked up in the crazy house because she was -A. I love that they’re staying true to the books and I’m hoping they keep that up for this season. I haven’t watched the premiere yet, but I know the whole -A debacle isn’t over yet because obviously Mona wasn’t working alone. I’m excited to see where they take this and hope they don’t drag it along, but instead, create some amazing story lines of their own for the characters. All I know is, they better keep Ezria together! Love them!

Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime, Sundays @ 9/8c) – They just had their season premiere on Sunday and although I haven’t seen it yet, I do know there’s a new angel in town. I miss Fred! But, alas, he’s on to bigger and better things I suppose, being on Mad Men and all. Anyways, when we last left Deb/Jane, she was headed on a jet plane with Owen and Grayson made the startling discovery that Jane is, in fact, Deb! OMG! My, how the tables have turned! I’m dying to see Jane & Grayson get together, but I do have a soft spot for Owen. I’m expecting some juicy drama and action this season!

Royal Pains (USA Network, Wednesdays @ 9/8c) – Oh my fledgling medical drama show. I have mixed feeling about this show because I was beginning to lose interest there for a moment, but it still has its good points. Now that Hank and Evan are splitting up, what’s going to happen to HankMed?! Where exactly are the writers going with this?! I love the medical stuff, of course, but I also want to see happy endings for these great characters, especially Hank, he’s such a good guy. Eager to see how this season plays out!

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