Updating and Moving Things Around on the Blog

June 23, 2012 Blog Related 1

I’ve been make quite a few changes here on the blog, just organizing and making things look pretty.

1. I changed up the Menu bar, organizing my categories and features that I like to talk about. As you can see I’ve got:
Family: Posts about the family, obviously
Lifestyle: Whatever else I like to blog about like Entertainment, Blogging 101, fun stuff I find Around the Web, and my newest feature – It’s a Viet Thing (anything related to the Viet culture, which I should’ve been blogging about a long time ago, but at least I’m starting now). Also, anything that doesn’t fit into any particular category will go here.
Books: Since you know I talk about books A LOT, I finally decided to give it it’s own feature, which will house all things book-related like Reviews, Book Birthdays, Bookish Events, Covers, and my newest page – the Book Review Archive.

2. I finally got around to creating an archive of all my book reviews. Every single book review I’ve done on the blog, also some minor ones I’ve done on Goodreads/Amazon that I didn’t feel like posting here, is in that archive – alphabetically, by title. That definitely took me a minute to get done, but I’m so glad I did it before it got any bigger. Did you know I wrote my first book review in November 2010?! Almost two years ago and now I have around 100 of them!

3. My product reviews can be found under the Media tab and all my networks, guest posts, and interviews fall under the Community tab.

4. I also changed my picture on the sidebar, added a search bar in case you want to look anything up, and tightened everything up a bit so there’s less clutter.

Honestly, I feel so much better when things are organized properly and it really makes me love my blog even more.

So, what do you think?!

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