And the Lesson Here, is to Always Say No!

July 9, 2012 BG1, Parenting 11

I make it a general rule to always say no when BG1 wants to buy an app or buy one of those “in-app purchases” on one of her games. I think it’s a waste of money and she can get just as much fun out of the game for free.

However, since she did receive a hefty amount of Apple Store credit as a past birthday gift, she very casually asked us if she was allowed to buy this “special $0.99 package” for her Snoopy’s Street Fair game. Considering how she’s had that credit for almost a year now and it was given to her so she could make purchases just like this, I agreed to let her buy it.

And I didn’t even give it a second thought.

Until this email showed up in my inbox:

Well, my first reaction was – what the hell were those other purchases doing there?!

Oh yes, she decided to buy crap to help out her little street fair and Smurfs village! Really, now?!

Then I thought, okay, it’s not SO bad because she does have enough money to cover it and it was her money to spend. We did, however, scold her on how upset we were that she didn’t tell us she made additional purchases after the 1st one and decidedly took her iPad away for the day as punishment for lying by omission.

Low and behold, a little later in the morning, my inbox looked like this:

All of them, which when opened up, looked a little something like this:

It appears she went on a crazy “in-app” shopping spree last night! Her rationale was that it was her birthday money to spend on what she wanted, which, granted, is true; but when the emails progressed from “Charge To: Store Credit” to “Charge To: Visa”, I had to do a double-take, zoom in, and stare at my screen!

Evidently, she did not keep track of how much money she was spending…

So now she has spent all of her $44 in Apple Store credit and an additional $70 was charged to my credit card.

Oh, ho ho, you better believe we were pissed! That girl is lucky I suppressed my inner nature to kill and she will not be seeing her iPad for quite awhile after this incident!

You see, this is exactly what happens when I say yes. You give a kid a yes and they walk all over you and your credit card like there’s no tomorrow!

File this under Lessons Learned. She ain’t gonna be getting a yes from me any time soon!

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11 Responses to “And the Lesson Here, is to Always Say No!”

  1. Jenny Ko

    OMG!! I would’ve whooped her assssss!!!! That is so crazy! change the password!

  2. tiramisu

    Lol. Omg. So this is what’s to come for me later. I am now scared of the tech kids.

    • Vivian

      Yes Tee, beware!!!! Kids these days are NOT like how we used to be! And def don’t share your Apple password with them! LOL

  3. Brandi Elam

    OMG! I say no to my 9 year old about these things constantly but sometimes I feel bad. Thanks for posting this to remind me to keep saying no!

    As a side note, I think these apps geared towards kids that have in app purchase options like this are a complete scam and totally ridiculous.
    Brandi Elam recently posted…Summer Fun with Crayola (Review & Giveaway)My Profile

    • Vivian

      YES! They are totally a trap bc kids could easily buy up all that crap w/o even realizing. I really have to keep an eye on her when she plays the iPad from now on, but she won’t be playing it for awhile any time soon after this mess! LOL!

    • Vivian

      LOL, yea I was pretty shocked when those emails just came rolling in. Needless to say, she doesn’t know the password now and we never let her live it down, haha.

  4. Bella's Shelf

    lmao! my next door neighbor and friend Sophie told me how her 8 yo son (they are both 8 lolz) asked to buy 1 thing for his Xbox, she said yes, well, she gets an email the NEXT morning: he bought ALL of the “extras” adding up to 100$ on top of the 20$ she originally agreed to!
    She called her credit card, called the xbox microsoft ppl, took ALL of those things off his acct and got a one time reimbursement.
    she took his xbox away for 1 month, he did extra chores, went to bed early, couldnt go to a friends birthday, etc.
    this kid and her 14 yo have no concept of a hard days work, chores, what it means to earn a dime.
    they are sadly spoiled and at times ungrateful.
    Another kid I know:
    his public school uniform? HAS TO BE 50$ a pair A&F pants. NOT Old Navy, cuz A&F are “softer”. Seriously?! For the HUNDREDS spent on 2 pants, 2 shirts, 1 sweater, 1 hoody, 1 shoes, he could of had MULTIPLES of EVERYTHING.
    The school even sent an email BEGGING parents not to buy name brand fancy stuff cuz its a distraction, because of teasing of the poor kids, etc.
    You are a wonderful mom. I wish I am that good if I ever have kids. You are fair and firm.
    You know how to teach valuable lessons. Its not easy to be a mom or dad now a days.
    I have my 2 doggies and am OK with that! lolz
    Bella’s Shelf recently posted…Something Strange and Deadly Book ClubMy Profile

    • Vivian

      Girl, we always remind her about this little incident of hers, but we laugh about it now. Thank goodness it wasn’t a lot of money. We’ve since learned to put parental controls on her apps so she can’t make purchases and changed passwords, haha. Wow! I can’t believe he was able to spend all that money, good thing your friend was able to get it back, haha. Thanks for stopping by!

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