Beautiful Lies by Jessica Warman

September 26, 2012 Young Adult Book Reviews 0

Title: Beautiful Lies [Goodreads][Amazon]
Author: Jessica Warman
Publisher: Walker Childrens
Format: eARC
Pages: 422
Release Date: August 7, 2012
In My Opinion: Don’t even touch it!
One Line: Pretty mind-numbing and insanely difficult to get through, if you even try to finish it at all for that matter.

About the Book: Rachel and Alice are an extremely rare kind of identical twins-so identical that even their aunt and uncle, whom they’ve lived with since their parents passed away, can’t tell them apart. But the sisters are connected in a way that goes well beyond their surfaces: when one experiences pain, the other exhibits the exact same signs of distress. So when one twin mysteriously disappears, the other immediately knows something is wrong-especially when she starts experiencing serious physical traumas, despite the fact that nobody has touched her. As the search commences to find her sister, the twin left behind must rely on their intense bond to uncover the truth. But is there anyone around her she can trust, when everyone could be a suspect? And ultimately, can she even trust herself?

Oh boy! This was another Imaginary Girls incident all over again!

As much as I intrigued by the premise of this book, it really didn’t do it for me. I was confused and frustrated from the very first page, right down to the last grueling word. So many tangents and ramblings, things that had no place or reason to the plot, but I suppose were put there to make the character seem more eccentric, like she was supposed to come off as such. Now you know I have a serious problem with having to finish a book, even if I don’t like it. I know I need to break this habit one day, but lucky for this book, I haven’t started yet. I seriously had to push myself to finish this book and stopped so many times it was ridiculous. If I didn’t remind myself that I had to review it, I would’ve truly considered this as my first DNF book.

The author does a number on you so you don’t even know which twin you’re dealing with for the first quarter or so of the book, then when you figure it out, you find yourself questioning if she’s playing a trick on you because whoever the lead character is, her mind is a bit unhinged and questionable. Honestly, I was getting really confused while reading this book as to how people, especially her sister, weren’t as concerned as they should be that the girl was missing. Granted, she has been known to rebel and do her own thing, but I swear, so many other things happened and the sister who is telling the story gets so distracted by the littlest things that I was beginning to wonder if the fact that her sister is missing was even relevant to the story!

I couldn’t connect with any of the characters and seriously disliked the main one. Everyone seemed very odd, like they were all in some kind of parallel universe or Twilight Zone episode and I could see the spinning swirl of black and white stripes. A lot of things happen in this book that make you question the main character’s sanity, and as she slowly breaks down, more pieces of the puzzle painstakingly come into light until the very dramatic ending.

The only thing I’ll give this book, is that the ending was pretty intense and you could finally see where exactly the author was going with how the main character was falling apart. I kind of already figured out who was behind the kidnapping. I’m sure there are those who will like this one, especially those who like books that throw you for loops and are filled with random bits of fluff, but this one really wasn’t for me.

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