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October 29, 2012 Blog Tours, Young Adult Book Reviews 3

Title: Swift [Goodreads][Amazon]
Author: Heather London
Publisher: Self-published
Format: ebook
Pages: 346
Release Date: August 29, 2012
In My Opinion: Worth a try!
One Line: A bit dragging and uneventful, but an okay storyline.

About the Book: Meredith Martin is being hunted by evil, for something she is destined to become, but knows nothing about.

After graduating from high school, Meredith is ready to leave the place that has been a constant reminder of what happened to her as a child. She was just eight years old when her family died in a mysterious car accident, taking the secret of her destiny with them. It’s not until a new family moves to town that she realizes leaving may not be as easy as she once thought.

Meredith feels an instant connection towards the Harpers, especially the good-looking, mysterious Blake and his overly friendly sister, Abby. After a series of bizarre events that happen too often to be coincidence, Meredith begins to realize that she is at the center of something larger than herself—possibly the same thing that killed her parents and twin sister many years ago. Nightmarish visions and resurfacing memories push Meredith closer to Blake, leading her to discover her destiny and other buried secrets.

As Meredith tries to understand her new world, she will be put to the ultimate test, and her strength and courage will be challenged more than she ever imagined.

One thing you should keep in mind going into this book is that things don’t really pick up until well after halfway through the story. That’s not to say the first half is boring or anything, just kind of uneventful and you’re left wondering what is going on and what exactly the author is trying to write about. The “big mystery” doesn’t surface until pretty much two-thirds of the way, and even then, it’s a bit vague and I was left with many questions. The story was promising enough, but I felt like author spent too much time on frivolous details and the whole “build-up” only to lead to something sub-par. The paranormal aspect of the story wasn’t as monumental as I would’ve liked given the mysterious synopsis and time spent with the background story.

Meredith is a typical female lead, a little closed-off, which is to-be-expected after such a tragic loss. I liked her character and could see her growth and change throughout the book as she slowly started realizing who she was and her destiny. Blake is the typical brooding male lead and although I liked him enough, I didn’t really believe in their love and relationship. It felt rushed and there weren’t enough pieces to the “love puzzle” that I would’ve liked to see. Still, there were some sweet and intimate moments that I always get a kick out of.

You do see some paranormal events happen, and you get to see what exactly is Meredith’s power and the mystery behind the Harper family, but it was all rather “blah” for me. Don’t get me wrong though, I finished this book rather quickly and with a content feeling, so I liked it enough, just probably not enough to continue with the series.

Swift is, if anything, a decent start-off novel if you’re just getting into the paranormal genre. It has all the basic elements of a good paranormal book, but wasn’t as developed as I like, given that most of the books I read are paranormal. I’d say it’s worth a try for the newcomers who’d like a quick and easy step into this genre.

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