A Visit from Eileen at Singing & Reading in the Rain

October 17, 2012 Guest Posts 1

Today I’ve got the always-adorable Eileen from Singing & Reading in the Rain, celebrating her Blogoversary with a web-wide tour! Pretty cool! Eileen talks about some interesting moments in her life, so I hope you enjoy and be sure to visit her blog & wish her a very happy blogoversary!

Random Rants

 Okay, since I’m a really ranty person, and I don’t want to get emotional and soft on you (that’s for my blogoversary posts on my blog lol ;))

School Issues

This is an interesting one. My 8th grade science teacher is on maternity leave, and by the way she just had her baby boy, who I don’t know the identity yet, but he’s supposedly really cute, as all babies are.

This isn’t my point, actually. The point is, the teacher substituting for my science teacher—my eighth grade science teacher on maternity leave will from now on be known as “Teacher X”—has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about. No stinking idea. This teacher will be referred to as “Teacher Z.” For example, she tells us one day, “For this lab report, balance this chemical equation.” And then we ask, “How do you balance chemical equations?” So do you know what our teacher says? “I want you to ponder this over the weekend.” But then we respond, “The lab report’s due Monday we can’t ‘ponder’ it you have to tell us NOW.”

And THEN she shakes her head and says, “I want you to ponder it.” And keeps telling us to “ponder” it over the weekend, even though we CAN’T ponder it over the weekend because the lab report is due the day we get back from the weekend and obviously it’s worth a huge chunk of our grade, and she doesn’t answer our questions! Do you know what she also said to us the first day we met her?

“I worked on Wall Street for 20 years, and I’ve taught many adults and now I want to transfer those teaching skills for seventh and eighth graders preparing for high school and beyond.” She doesn’t even have science teaching experience. She worked on WALL STREET for half her life. WALL STREET. Seriously.  She should be teaching high school economics, not eighth grade science. She’s really nice, and she makes the class a little more fun than usual, but it’s so confusing because she’s absolutely clueless. No offense to her, but I really do think she isn’t qualified for this job.

Leisurely Issues

So I have this yearly carnival at my school, and I did face painting for a portion of my volunteer hours there. And I absolutely SUCKED at my job. To make it worse, these two twenty-year-olds came up to my booth, and one asked for a butterfly, and the other asked for a spider on their cheeks. I was totally going “WTF” on the inside while I did it, and after I was done their faces were like, “WTF” also. Obviously I did a horrible job because they walked away and probably washed their faces off immediately after.

THEN, like right after, this guy asked for a spider as well on his cheek, and he was a little Spanish guy who didn’t speak English. After I finished, the mom asked the kid in Spanish, “Do you like it?” to which the kid responded, “Meh.” And then they started talking in rapid Spanish on how poor of a job I did while I just sat there and was like, “I can understand what you’re saying! OFFESNIVE!” I wanted to just start talking to them in Spanish and be like “Yo puedo comprender Español señora.” Which means, “I can understand Spanish ma’am.” I should’ve. That would’ve given them a kick.

But that’s basically my day. Usually that’s what happens. My days are very eventful, to say the least. But that’s all I have, before I actually get into a lot more than JUST those two topics.

Thanks for having me on though! Fun times, letting out her frustration 😛

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