Where in the World is Vivian the Vi3tBabe?!

October 10, 2012 Blog Related, On My Mind 2

You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit…absent lately on the blog.

Remember waaaayyyy back in July/August when I talked about a blog hiatus and going off-grid to study for my BIG ASS BOARD EXAM?! Well, turns out, I can’t go off-grid…

Yes, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you may have noticed me here and there. I truly am an addict. Sigh…

BUT I did remain off the blog for the most part, which was both good and bad. Anyways, if anyone is still with me, you may be getting tired of seeing only book reviews and promos all the time, but I promise, REAL blog posts are coming!


FYI: I PASSED MY BOARD EXAM!!!! WOOHOO!!!! (so I guess my inability to remain off-grid didn’t impinge on my studying as much as I’d feared)

What does that mean?! It means I’ve been busy working at the nail salon to pay the bills, all the while being drained of energy by the offspring spending some much-needed family time, reading, SLEEPING, and getting all the paperwork and such in order to start my clinical rotations. My first rotation, Family Medicine, starts on November 5th so October is “get your affairs in order” month.

After all that’s over with and I’m all settled in my new location (ahem, Washington DC), I’m sure I’ll have MUCH more time to dedicate to REAL blog posts and you’ll be seeing more of ME around here. Not to mention I’ll have more time and energy to comment on blogs, interact more on Twitter & Facebook, and hopefully progress as a blogger person, or whatever.

So, that is what’s new with me.

How have you been?!

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