My Christmas Wishlist ’12

November 8, 2012 Shopping 2

Another year, another wishlist. 🙂

Let’s see, of my wishlist last year, I was lucky enough to have gotten the Sony Bloggie camera (thanks to my wonderful husband), I kind of got those Rachel Roy shoes (my sister bought them & we wear the same size so I can always borrow them, lol), my amazing bff gifted me Soft Kitty for my birthday this year (and BG2 is always making us press the paw so she can sing along with it, so cute!), and I got the Narnia and Jane Austen B&N books to add to my collection!

I’d say that’s a pretty good year!

I’ve definitely turned into a book hoarder and books are my go-to gifts at the top of my wishlist (besides money/winning the lotto, of course).

The Soul Screamers series or The Vampire Academy series – $10/book

– Do they have a boxed set of these books yet?! Because I seriously need to add them to my library and read them to see what all the fuss is about. I know there’s like 10 books (jk) to each series, so a boxed set would be nice, but I could easily just take one book at a time. Either way, these two series are at the top of the list of “older” books I need to read. Of course, anything off of my ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE Book Wishlists would totally do. LOL!

Aiden’s Crystal Rose Necklace – $33

– Oh, Aiden! You all know I’m a diehard JLA fan and when I saw that Hebel Designs made Aiden’s necklace (a gift he gave to Alex in Deity), well I just knew I had to have. It was definitely one of my favorite moments in the book and plus, the necklace is so pretty, I would wear it always! Of course, I love the Apollyon bracelet, Invincibility necklace, and “Agapi Mou” necklace, too, but this one is my favorite.

Kate Spade New York Striped iPhone Wristlet – $70

– Love this wristlet! I’m so over carrying purses around and if I had this wristlet, it would be awesome. I just need a place for my cards, some money, and my phone. This is perfect and SO cute! Expensive though!

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2 Responses to “My Christmas Wishlist ’12”

  1. sarah

    There is a box set of vampire academy.. its not the complete set 🙁 but its some. Try amazon.

  2. Alicia

    My problem is that I like my book in the hardcover format – but for complete sets I have had some luck on ebay, often people are selling really good copies, or even new ones and they will do the work of compiling the set. That is how I picked up my Vampire Academy set.

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