Tales from the Toilet: The Potty-Training Diaries – Day 2

December 22, 2012 BG2, Parenting 5

After a very exhuasting, but successful First Day, I had high hopes that BG2 would continue being excellently trained in the art of the potty and I was right.

Unfortunately, I was a little too right!

BG2 is still holding strong, peeing in the toilet like a champ, but I think she’s got it in her head that she has to go to the bathroom for every little thing that comes out of her tush. Which translate to sitting on the toilet even when she just has to pass gas. Every. Single. Time. And let me tell you, this girl passes gas pretty often throughout the day (TMI?! Well, what did you expect from a potty-training post?!).

So yea, whenever she feels the urge to pass gas, she’s pulling me towards the bathroom, does her business, and looks at me for praise because she thinks she did a “good job”. I haven’t the heart to tell her otherwise. Right now, I guess I have to suck it up for awhile, because you never know when one of those episodes turns into her actually having to do a “No. 2”. She has yet to actually do that in the potty, but I’m hoping she’ll get the idea soon enough.

I’m happy to say, at least, that we have morning and bedtime potty visits down. I’m still on high alert for when she has to go during the day, but I’m starting to pick up on a trend of when she wants to go. Here’s hoping we’ll work out her issue with passing gas and pooping, but I think we’re on the right track.

NOTE: The third day was a bit different because I had to go out all day and didn’t want to have to deal with finding a public restroom like a mad woman in a large crowd, so I caved and let her wear her diaper all day. She was still very mindful of when she had to pee and often looked at me to see if it was okay if she could pee in her diaper. Cut to today when we’re home all day again and she’s still doing fine, so my fears of her regressing went out the window. Yay!

I probably won’t update again about this milestone until she finally poops in the potty, our biggest challenge yet!

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5 Responses to “Tales from the Toilet: The Potty-Training Diaries – Day 2”

    • Vivian

      Idk if you saw my update but she finally went poopy in the potty, lol. Yay! We’re still not 100% trained, but making great progress. Thanks!

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