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MHM Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the Making His Mark Blog Tour, hosted by Bringing the Epic.

making markTitle: Making His Mark [Goodreads][Amazon]
Author: Jennah Scott
Publisher: Self-Published
Format: eARC
Pages: 202
Release Date: January 8, 2013
In My Opinion: Worth a try!
One Line:The story itself was a little off for me, but it was fun.

About the Book: One kiss is all it took for Alexis Catori’s world to turn upside down. One kiss with a man she thinks can help her move beyond her past.

Bo Nantan has one rule when it comes to tattooing: he refuses to ink his friends. Until Alexis asks him to do her work.

Bo tries to refuse, but decides maybe there is a compromise that will work. Together they discover their compromise is about more than just art, it’s facing the past so they can move on with the future.

Making His Mark definitely intrigued me and presented itself with a lot of potential. I’ve been on a romance kick lately, but I keep telling you all that even though I love the romance, there HAS TO BE a decent plot for me to call it a great book. While this one was interesting enough, the plot itself was a bit lacking and I didn’t really get the seriousness of it all. While I will say that I did like the book and that it had fun moments here and there, it wasn’t what I was hoping for at all.

The characters are a bit different here since they’re of Native American descent and I haven’t read any, I think, from that perspective, so it was nice seeing some of those aspects in the book. I wish I could’ve seen more though, as their culture was hinted at here and there, but not really explored. I also liked how Bo is a tattoo artist, since it’s the first time I’ve read about a character like that, too. I’m definitely a fan of tattoo art, having some myself, and Bo takes great pride in his artwork and that comes into play a lot in this book.

The intimate scenes were probably the best parts of the book, but lets face it, it’s not that hard to write a good sex scene. They were sizzling and vivid, the chemistry was definitely there, but that was it. Outside of the heated romance, the characters weren’t that interesting to me. The actual secrets that they’re hiding from each other weren’t as monumental as the author was building it up to be. I can understand why Bo refuses to work on Alexis, and Alexis’ reasons for avoiding commitment, but I felt like those weren’t reason enough for them to be so closed off from each other. I definitely liked Bo more than Alexis here. Alexis frustrated me a lot throughout the book and even though she’s a bit jaded, I felt like she was too jaded and scared for someone in her situation. It was definitely one of those times where I wanted to smack the girl and get her to come to her senses.

I think after reading a ton of really great romance novels, I’m pretty picky about them and I know what I want and love in a book. Making His Mark is a good one to start off with, as it has a few highlights and fun moments, but if you’re looking for more than just the hot, intimate scenes, you might find this one doesn’t quite hit the bullseye.


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  1. Josie Hink

    This sounds so freaking good…I so want to read this book!!!


  2. Teresa

    See I just love your reviews cause they tell me everything I need to know about a book before picking it up. Sorry you didnt enjoy this one more. Great review!

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