Flawed by Kate Avelynn

January 11, 2013 Young Adult Book Reviews 5

Title: Flawed [Goodreads][Amazon]
Author: Kate Avelynn
Publisher: Entangled
Format: eARC
Pages: 336
Release Date: January 22, 2013
In My Opinion: Must. Read. NOW!
One Line: An utterly riveting, emotional, and captivating read that you won’t be able to put down.

About the Book: Sarah O’Brien is alive because of the pact she and her brother made twelve years ago — James will protect her from their violent father if she promises to never leave him. For years, she’s watched James destroy his life to save hers. If all he asks for in return is her affection, she’ll give it freely.

Until, with a tiny kiss and a broken mind, he asks for more than she can give.

Sam Donavon has been James’ best friend — and the boy Sarah’s had a crush on — for as long as she can remember. As their forbidden relationship deepens, Sarah knows she’s in trouble. Quiet, serious Sam has decided he’s going to save her. Neither of them realizes James is far more unstable than her father ever was, or that he’s not about to let Sarah forget her half of the pact . . .

I was a little hesitant about reading Flawed, not because I thought it wouldn’t be good, but because of the premise of a brother liking his sister in that way. I was afraid it would get too intense and for a topic such as incest, it’s very hard to do it correctly without freaking out the reader. Thankfully though, Kate’s writing is flawless, pun intended, and truly mesmerizing. Flawed captured me with its unique set of characters, thrown together in such a terrible situation. The plot is riveting, emotional, and so engrossing I was pretty shocked at how once I started this, I couldn’t put it down.

A lot of times in situations where the lead character is stuck in an abusive relationship (familial or otherwise) I just want to smack them and tell them to leave and move on with their lives. This SO wasn’t the case with Sarah and James. Here, they are both trying their best to break way from their sad excuse of a father. Even though their lives were tough, they made the best of it, and were still good people. Yes, James turns out to be unstable and his love for Sarah is obsessive and wrong, but he is damaged. Here, you get to see why he loves her the way that he does, because they’ve been through so much together and they see each other like no one else does. Without reading this book, one might think it was sick or twisted, but after reading it, I empathized with James and Sarah and even though I knew their relationship was wrong, I knew that they couldn’t have survived if they didn’t feel that way for each other. Yes, there were times I really didn’t like James, but there was never a time where I hated him, which I would’ve thought I would, given the circumstances. He was such a deep and troubled character, you can’t help but feel for the guy.

Even though their relationship is a large part of the story, it’s not the only thing. Sam. Oh, Sam. Such a loving, handsome, all-around nice guy; you can’t help but fall for him. I loved every part of Sam and Sarah’s relationship. Through each other, they learn what real love is and even though this puts a strain on their relationship with James and causes one hell of an outcome, it was beautiful and touching, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. The only thing that bugged me was that I wish he could’ve been there for her at certain times when I seriously thought he should’ve been, but I understand it was necessary to the plot.

Flawed will leave you floored. I don’t think I’ve ever felt those heartbreaking and gut-wrenching emotions for characters as much as I did for James and Sarah. Their story is truly an unforgettable one that you seriously have to read. When Kate wants you to feel happy, she gives you the best moments you could ever imagine, but when she wants to rip your heart out, she does so in such an amazing way, you can’t blame her. Be forewarned, this is one hell of a sad story that will be tugging at your heartstrings, and that ending?! I’m at a loss for words! After finishing this, I was just left staring at the last page, torn and broken down, but in such a good way that only a powerful and amazing book can do. This one’s a keeper!

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5 Responses to “Flawed by Kate Avelynn”

    • Vivian

      LOL, yea, this book really takes a toll on your emotions. I was really sad while & after reading this, in a good way that only a good book & author can do. Love it!

    • Vivian

      IKR?! I knew a ton of people loved it and I totally trust their judgement, but I didn’t realize how much I would be affected by this book. I loved it!

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