From Books to Movies (and possibly TV)

January 24, 2013 Movies 4

There has been a TON of news lately about the latest craze in the entertainment industry – Book to Movie adaptations.

We all know the biggies, like Twilight and The Hunger Games, and the movies that are coming out soon like Beautiful Creatures, City of Bones and Divergent, so I won’t go into detail there. It’s so funny/amusing to me, in a good way, that I thought I’d talk about it occasionally here and there. Let me know what you think!

First on the list is the latest news about Anna Dressed in Blood. The LA Times is reporting that Stephanie Meyer, the Twilight Goddess herself, as optioned the rights to the movie for this thrilling debut and is in talks to produce it. I really enjoyed Anna and am seriously hoping they do the book justice, especially when it comes to portraying Anna in all her awesome terror. Although the book doesn’t have a lot of gruesome moments, there were enough horrific scenes that would make this an excellent movie to watch.


Next up is the awesome news about Delirium in works to become a TV show. TV Line reports that Karyn Usher, the produce of hit show Prison Break, along with others, is set to produce Delirium, the TV show, which will premiere on FOX. I am such a huge fan of Lauren Oliver and to hear that Delirium might be a TV show?! That’s just freaking awesome! TV shows are even better for some books because it gives more freedom to tell the whole story with all the details, which is a disadvantage to movies, and there’s even room to expand and go beyond the scope of the original book, like in the TV Show Pretty Little Liars.


Finally, we have some news about the upcoming movie If I Stay, based off of the book from Gayle Forman. Variety reports that the lovely people over at Summit Entertainment are producing this emotional drama, and that Chloe Moretz is set to portray Mia, the lead character. If I Stay was a pretty emotional read and I feel, with the right touch, it’s going to be a great movie!

if i stay

All of these are fantastic titles, I should know because I’ve read them all and thoroughly enjoyed them.

So, what are your thoughts on the latest books to catch Hollywood’s eye? Any books you’re hoping will pop up next? (Personally, I’m gunning for The Covenant series, lol.)

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4 Responses to “From Books to Movies (and possibly TV)”

    • Vivian

      Oh, I still need to read Gone Girl, but I figured that would be a movie bc it’s so popular. Didn’t know bout Romeo & Juliet, but I read it and didn’t like it, lol. Maybe the show will be better since I love ABC Family and their shows! I’ll definitely check those titles out for my next B2M post!

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