Tales from the Toilet: The Potty-Training Diaries – An Update

January 5, 2013 BG2, Parenting 2

2013-01-01 10.31.05

It’s been a very…memorable kind of week or so in this potty-training business.

We’ve had quite a few accidents, but most are a result of not making it to the toilet on time. I guess BG2 still has to work on holding in her pee. She also still insists on going to the bathroom to pass gas, a feat we find both exhausting and hilarious. The biggest issue we’ve been dealing with is her having to poop.

The first few days after Day 2 resulted in at least a daily helping in the panties. Sigh…


After some reprimanding and looks of disgust, I think BG2 is FINALLY getting the picture and she has been going “poopy in the potty” for the last few days. Thank you sweet baby jeebus!!!

I tell you, those first few days of accidents and special surprises in the undies were not the highlights of my life.

Fingers crossed this pattern keeps up because I’ll be leaving for my next rotation on Sunday and I’m a little apprehensive about leaving her with the babysitter. She does well in a house setting, so we should be good as long as the babysitter picks up on her cues. We haven’t braved the outside world for enough time for her to use public bathrooms just yet, but for that’s a story for another time. All I know I’ll have to prepare like 5 pairs of undies and pants just in case.

So, overall, I’d have to say that potty-training BG2 was an experience, but a successful one at that because at least she’s doing it. I’m chalking the accidents up to the fact that she’s still particularly young for the whole thing and the whole point is that she gets the idea that the toilet is where she needs to go to do her business from now on, which she does. We’re still doing the diapers at night when she sleeps to avoid any accidents, but we put it on after she falls asleep so she doesn’t rely on it. So far, so good because she’ll wake up with dry diapers. I’m very hopeful that as the days go on, there will be fewer accidents and more “walks” to the bathroom instead of the deadly runs that we usually do because we’re scared she won’t be able to hold it in (believe me, we’re getting one heck of a workout training this girl).

Here’s to the next post will be of me telling you all that the diapers are gone and that we’ve been accident-free for so many days!

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