Bookish Events: Marissa Meyer at the Bethesda Library

February 24, 2013 Bookish Events 4

I had the amazing chance to finally meet Marissa Meyer, author of Cinder & Scarlet, last Tuesday at the Bethesda Library for her Scarlet tour. It was awesome! Not only is she so pretty, she’s freaking hilarious, a super-geek, and a Sailor Moon fan! That alone makes her freaking amazing in my book! I’m a total Moonie!

Marissa gave us the background story of how she came up with Cinder, her journey to publication, and she also told the crowd her favorite versions of some classic fairy tales. Let me tell you, she doesn’t go for those lovey-dovey Disney ones, but the pretty raw and gritty ones. Yep, she’s cool like that!


Doesn’t she look amazing? And, it was Marissa’s birthday! Yay for that!


Marissa reads from Scarlet. Tons of fans keep asking her whether or not Cinder makes an appearance in this book since the main focus is on Scarlet. She proves that Cinder is really there by reading when she makes her 1st appearance. Btw, her favorite character from the series is Captain Throne!


The obligatory picture of me and the prized author, of course!


Here is Marissa geeking out with her lovely Sailor Jupiter (her favorite Sailor Scout) necklace I bought for her. I love her so much!

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4 Responses to “Bookish Events: Marissa Meyer at the Bethesda Library”

  1. Kristen

    Isn’t she amazing! I thought she was a brilliant speaker and so funny. So happy you had a wonderful time. Can’t wait until Cress comes out!

    • Vivian

      Yes, she’s hilarious and so full of energy and spunk. Love her! Yes, can’t wait for Cress!

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