Bookish Events: Kami Garcia at B&N in Bethesda

March 9, 2013 Bookish Events 1

I have finally met the other half to the Beautiful Creatures team and I have to say that I adore her just as much as Margaret Stohl. She’s witty and funny with just a hint of snark. Plus, she tells it like it is, which is quality I highly admire. I loved learning how she and Margaret met, how they wrote the book, and the steps leading up the movie. She’s definitely an interesting person and I hope I can meet her again soon.

The lovely movie poster & setup for Beautiful Creatures!


Kami discussed quite a few things with fans that day. I loved her chat!

kg2 kg3

Me and Kami! I would’ve gotten a better picture, but for some reason, I ended up 1st in line, and there were a TON of people behind me and everyone was going crazy, so I didn’t want to hold up the line. I usually wait and go closer to the end of the line so I have more time with the author, but I was sitting in front, plus the stupid meters outside are only 1 FREAKING HOUR meters, so I did not wanna risk getting a ticket!

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