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facelessTitle: Faceless (Denazen #2.5) [Goodreads][Amazon]
Author:Jus Accardo
Publisher: Entangled
Format: eARC
Pages: 138
Release Date: March 18, 2013
In My Opinion: Add to cart!
One Line: It was cool learning more about Brandt and seeing other Sixes and it also had its funny moments.

About the Book: My name is Brandt Cross, and I died. Again… 

I’m living in the body of a Six named Douglass Cain, a certifiable scumbag whose ability is on Zendean Industries—AKA Denazen’s—most wanted list. There’s some serious bad going down, and Ginger, the leader of the Underground, sent me undercover to obtain information because people are dying. 

My cousin, Dez, is dying…

Denazen thought they’d found a cure for the Supremacy decline, but they were wrong. That’s the bad news. The good news? Franklin Wentz. 

Wentz, the owner of a genetic research company, is brilliant and just a little bit crazy. He’s unwittingly created a formula that may cure the sick Supremacy kids, and everyone wants it—including Devin, the super hot Resident. Get the formula. Save the day. Don’t fall for the hot spy. Piece of cake.

What I’ve always liked about this series is the writing. Jus knows how to make you laugh with her dialogue and she can create interesting characters that stand out above the others. I liked reading this novella, getting to know Brandt a little better, and seeing other Sixes. I’ll say this, it takes a minute to get into things and it was kind of slow for me during the first third of the book, but once Brandt gets adjusted to his new body and goes on his assignment, things really pick up, and then I just flew through the book. Jus’ writing is just as interesting and entertaining as ever and I ended up really enjoying this one.

Brandt is a pretty complex character. His ability to soul jump is cool, but also stressful, confusing, and dangerous. You get to see his mind as he uses his power, and learns to use the powers of those he soul jumps. Personally, I don’t know if I’d like to have this power. Sure, it’s cool that it’s not as easy to kill you, but then, as Brandt points out, you start to lose yourself and living the lives of others can be draining. My favorite scene with Brandt involves a closet, lets just leave it at that *giggles*.

I’d have to say my favorite character was Wentz. He was really the life of the story and I loved every scene he was in. He’s eccentric, good-natured, and just plain fun. He takes a liking to Brandt right away and even helps him in certain predicaments. Things get serious and dangerous pretty fast and Wentz is obviously a big part of it all.

Overall, it’s a good installment in the series and a way for readers to connect with another important, though lesser seen, character. Keep in mind that the only other character from the series you see is Ginger, so it kind of bummed me out that we didn’t get glimpses of Dez or Kale, but it’s understandable to the story line. Brandt is definitely a good guy who is doing all he can to help save Dez and other Sixes, so you can’t help but appreciate him, and what goes on in Faceless gives you more insight to what will be in Tremble, particularly regarding Domination. I hope he plays a bigger part in the Tremble and that everything that goes on in Faceless ties in nicely. I can’t wait to read Tremble! I need more Dez & Kale!

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