Book Review: Wrecked by Alyssa Rose Ivy

April 30, 2013 New Adult Book Reviews 3


wreckedTitle: Wrecked (Clayton Falls #3) [Goodreads][Amazon]
Author: Alyssa Rose Ivy
Publisher: Self-Published
Format: eARC
Pages: 285
Release Date: April 30, 2013
In My Opinion: Add to cart!
One Line: I loved seeing a new side to Jake and revisiting Clayton Falls, this one was definitely different than the others and I really enjoyed it.

About the Book: When your past catches up, it’s time to stop running.

Jake Mathews messed up yet again— but this time his misstep lands him in the hospital. He wakes up to find the girl of his dreams and the memory of having his deepest secret revealed.

Emily Taylor needs a break. She’s been working double shifts as a nurse just to pay the bills while trying to heal a broken heart. The last thing she needs is to fall for a patient.

Strapped with community service and the knowledge that he’s disappointed everyone in his life, Jake is determined not to let Emily slip through his fingers. Emily wants Jake, but can she really open herself up to heartache again?

Clayton Falls and Alyssa never seem to disappoint me. Wrecked was a great story and I loved seeing a new side to Jake. I did like him in Derailed and Veer, but I did find him annoying and immature at times. It wasn’t until his full story unveiled, his accident happened, and he found Emily that I really loved him and who he is. Alyssa does it again and created a very sweet and touching love story between two characters who fit so well together, who needed and completed each other. I was pleasantly surprised at how their story unfolded and I loved every minute of it.

Jake’s character really shined through in this book and I loved getting inside his head. After his accident he really gets his act together, thanks, in part, to meeting Emily. He knows he needs to get his act together, be a better person that she can depend on and trust, so it was great seeing him own up to his mistakes, make something of himself, and sweep Emily off her feet. Because he got a DUI, he has to do some community service, and he can’t drive (except to work/community service) for a year. I liked that through his community service, Jake finds something to do with his life, something he realizes he’s passionate about. Through Emily, he fights his urges to turn to alcohol and he grows up pretty quickly. He definitely shows his sweet, romantic side after meeting her. Things get serious really fast, but in a believable way, and I loved their romance.

I really liked Emily. She is one of those strong characters who isn’t afraid to take chances. She definitely had a surprise or two I didn’t expect, which added drama to their story, and I loved it. Emily is such a gentle soul, and such a sweet girl. She was definitely good for Jake and they are so cute together. I liked that she was the sensible, level-headed one to Jake’s impulsive personality. Not only was the romance good, the smexy scenes didn’t disappoint and you could see the passion they had for each other.

I think any fans of Jake will really enjoy his story. I especially loved how much of Ben & Molly we see in this book. You even get to see a bit of Becca & Gavin, which was great. I love how companion novels tie in significant characters like that. There aren’t any pivotal scenes or riveting moments like I was hoping for or excepting in a novel like this, but it still flowed smoothly and in the end, it was a sweet love story. I will definitely miss the characters of Clayton Falls!

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