Six Sweet Years Together

May 27, 2013 Marriage 4


Wow! Six years of marriage!

I think this year was another trying year for us because of the long distance issue. Over the summer I was studying for my Step 1 exam and then from November until now I’ve been to CT, DC, VA, & IL while doing my clinical rotations. That doesn’t leave much room for quality time.

Long distance sucks ass!

But, through it all, we’re learning how to make it work. I love how patient you are, especially since you’re basically a single parent for most of the year. I also love how you still make me feel special, pretty, and wanted with our daily FaceTime calls. You’re supporting our family and taking care of the kids and I don’t think I give you enough credit for that.

My Hubbi is one heck of an awesome man!

Yes, we have our occasional hiccups, and we both know I don’t particularly like you very much during Football season, but we’re chugging along and look, we made it SIX YEARS…and counting. We’re still a work in progress, but we’re getting better at it day by day.

The tiny ray of light at the end of the tunnel? This will, hopefully, be the last Wedding Anniversary where we’re apart. I feel like we’re still getting to know each other, even if we know each other so well as it is, and I keep that thought in mind along with the wonderful memories of our Wedding Day.

No one can make me smile like you do.


Happy Anniversary Husband! I love you!

Btw, my goal for us during this coming year is to take more pictures together (even if I look a hideous mess). We definitely don’t have enough!

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