The Companion Novels Challenge – April & May Wrap Up

May 30, 2013 Books 2


How could April and May have passed by so quickly?!

I am so happy to actually have completed this round of the challenge (I will get around to re-reading Emily Giffin’s books soon, I promise), and I’m proud to say I am definitely a Simone Elkeles fan. This series was so awesome!

I decided to wrap up this leg of the challenge with my own personal breakdown of the best and worse parts of each book, the characters, and the series as a whole.

Be sure to stay tuned for Alexa‘s update for the June & July Challenge!

Oh, btw, thank you so much to Richa @ City of Books for participating in the Companion Novels Challenge! I’ve already emailed you and you have your choice of any of the Graceling series books by Kristen Cashore – Graceling, Fire, or Bitterblue. Congrats!


perfect rules chain

My Perfect Chemistry Series Overview

Favorite Book: Perfect Chemistry

I felt like this story had the most drama, intensity, and romance. The characters were probably some of the most memorable ones from the whole series and this book really sets the tone for all other books, despite not having to read any of them in any order or all three. I felt like Alex and Brittany’s story was a true “bad boy”/”good girl” from opposite sides kind of story. I liked how much they challenged each other and brought out the best of each other. Alex’s threat seemed to be more dangerous than the other boys, even though Luis’ was bit rough. I also liked what he went through in the end, in order to be with Brittany and get his life back. Overall, I felt that I was more engrossed with this story than the others and that I connected more with these characters. I definitely fell for Elkeles’ writing and her characters here more than anywhere else.

Favorite Fuentes Brother: Alex

He was just a well-rounded character. He did his best to protect his brothers and be there for them, throughout all three books. I liked that in his mind, he did everything for his family and was always looking out for others. Even when he was a jerk to Brittany, he still had a bit of charm about him. I loved their dialogues and there was just so much chemistry between then, I loved it. He also “appeared” to be the sexiest of the brothers, to me, lol. I especially loved seeing him again in the other books and how his relationship with Brittany progressed. He is definitely my favorite for all this and so many more reasons I can’t think of right now, lol.

Favorite Fuentes Love Interest: Kiara

I liked that she was pretty different from the other girls. She was definitely not one of the popular kids. She also had a bit of a stutter, which I thought was charming and added a lot of character to her. I especially loved her quick wit and how she got the best of Carlos. FYI: Cookies.

Favorite Secondary Character: Mrs. Peterson

She was definitely a force to be reckoned with in Perfect Chemistry and she made a few appearances in Chain Reaction as well. She knew exactly the kinds of students she was dealing with and didn’t take crap from any of them. She was also a strong influence for Alex and Luis, and I liked that positive aspect of the book.

– Honorary Mention: Paco

He was so hilarious. He was the perfect “sidekick” and I loved how he brought humor and lightness to a book filled with a lot of intense moments. He also cared for Alex so much and was always there for him when Alex needed it, even when he didn’t know he needed him.

– Honorary Mention: Tuck

He’s another hilarious character. I have a serious soft spot for the spunky, gay best friend and Tuck is another shining example of that. I especially loved his interactions with Carlos and I loved how he messed with him in that playful way of his.


Favorite Scene from Perfect Chemistry: When Alex, Brittany, Elena, and Jorge all enter the bathroom at Elena’s wedding after Paco has recently used. That scene was so hilarious and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Favorite Scene from Rules of Attraction: This particular scene involved a lot of cookies, magnets, and a locker. I thought it was such a fun and clever little scene and it really made Kiara’s character that much more likable.

Favorite Scene from Chain Reaction: When all three Fuentes brothers face off against Chuy. I really loved this scene because it showed the loyalty and solidarity of these threee brothers who have been through so much in each of their own lives, and together. It was an emotional scene and a very pivotal climax in all of their lives as well in the book.


A Major Plus: I loved the Epilogues in each of the books. In each one, you get to see how their lives are many, many years into the future. They were definitely the highlight of each book and I reveled in reading each of them. Probably my favorite was the one in Perfect Chemistry, but I also liked the one in Rules of Attraction. It was just cool seeing them as adults and getting a sense of what they’re all up to.

A Minor Nuisance: Elkeles uses a lot of Spanish in all of her books and I would’ve liked it if she included a translation glossary at the end of each book. Sure, it doesn’t take much effort to look it up online, but it would’ve been nice to have it all there and not openly wonder what the characters are talking about. Little phrases here and there I could understand her not bothering to translate, but there were multiple times that sentences or even a fair amount of dialogue was in Spanish, and it would’ve been nice to know what exactly was going on.


Overall, I’d highly recommend this series to anyone I know. I loved the Fuentes brother and their sassy, yet fierce girlfriends. Simone’s writing is engaging, touching, and fun. I loved all the characters she created, even the ones I hated. I have easily become a fan of hers and am definitely happy to add these books to my shelf.

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