I’ve Come To Terms

June 13, 2013 On My Mind 4


Over the years I’ve slowly come to terms with the facts of my life:

I won’t win the lotto in this lifetime
I won’t be famous or even popular for that matter
I won’t be rich since my school loans will be the death of me
I won’t be skinny because I’m too lazy to work out and I love cheeseburgers
I won’t ever be an artist or musician because I basically have no talent
I won’t ever be one of those cool bloggers that everyone loves and subscribes to
I won’t ever get into makeup or styling my hair because I just don’t care enough for those things
I won’t have a million and one friends or be liked or appreciated by everyone I meet


I do have my health and a clear mind despite not eating as well as I should and all the stress in my life
I do have beautiful and healthy children who drive me insane but I love more than anything
I do have a loving, considerate, and caring husband that will anything for me
I do have close friends that still love me despite my introvert and boring ways
I do have a passion for books that rivals the best of them
I do go all out for things I care deeply for and obsess over
I do try to treat everyone kindly and with respect

Yep, those are just some of the things I’ve realized that I have and don’t have in my life. I’m slowly learning to accept the things that will never happen and cherish what I do have.

My life may not be perfect, but my life is good.

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4 Responses to “I’ve Come To Terms”

  1. Betty

    <333 FYI… I think you're pretty cool. 😉 Annnnd I love the fact that you always keep it real. xoxo

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