It’s a Viet Thing: Steal the Centerpiece

July 16, 2013 Its a Viet Thing 3

Don’t you just love weddings?!

The love. The pretty dresses and suits. The flowers. The perfect decor. The dancing, food, and great memories.

All of it equates to a pretty amazing day. For the couple, at least.

What you might not have realized is what’s in it for you, besides the adorable favors, of course.

When it comes to weddings, I’ve noticed that Asians, particularly those in my family at least, make it a point to scope out the best looking centerpiece in the reception hall, and then proceed to claim it as their own for the taking.

It kind of goes something like this:

“Wow! Everything looks so amazing. Loving the colors and the theme.”

*goes to assigned seating*

“Whoa! Look at that centerpiece. I. MUST. HAVE. IT…No wait, the centerpiece on that table over there looks just a tiny bit better…I. MUST. HAVE. IT.”


*eat, drink, dance, take funny pictures, toast to the bride and groom, everyone says their goodbyes…sneakily grab that centerpiece you’ve been eyeing all night, silently nodding “That’s right!” to the woman three tables down from you who is doing the same thing, grab the five bags of leftovers you packed from your table, the one next to you, and the one “extra” table the B&G had prepared “just in case” (Asian weddings are typically 8-10 course meals w/TONS of left over food), and quickly make your getaway…*


So tell me, have you ever taken a centerpiece from a wedding before?

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3 Responses to “It’s a Viet Thing: Steal the Centerpiece”

  1. Teresa

    I was actually just at a wedding this weekend and i wanted to steal the centerpiece so badly, but they cleaned them all up before anyone had a chance!

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