Where Did Last Week Go?!

July 29, 2013 Family 1

So, in case you hadn’t noticed, I was pretty absent from the blog, the fan site, FB, Twitter, and just the world, really, last week. The reason?


That’s right. After realizing that my Attending Doctor had no patients and I would be left on my own for FIVE days, I really couldn’t see any reason why I couldn’t make an impromptu trip home to see my family. So, I did!

Last week was wonderful. It was really amazing to see the kids again and to be in the Husband’s arms again. I loved spending time with them at home and we even took the time to go to the Smith’s Playplace (outdoor kids playground) and also Sahara Sam’s (an indoor water park). I really loved just being with them and I soaked up every ounce of family time as I could.


Sure, the 12-hour drives to and from Philly suck ass, but it was worth it to get those FIVE days with them.

Sadly, I’m back in Chicago, most likely until Labor Day weekend, about to head off to class presentations. Sigh… Good news, though, is my annoying room mate finally left so I have the apartment to myself for a little while again. No word yet on what the next room mate will be like. AIYA!

I just gotta get through August now!

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