A Decade of Love

August 3, 2013 Marriage 2

It’s been 10 short, long, trying, wonderful, unbelievable, memorable, perfect years and still everyday,

I’m Falling For You…

2003 – We were so young and innocent. The first year was filled with us trying to “one up” each other in the “sweet and caring gf/bf” role. It was so fun! I remember all those little anniversaries we celebrated, thinking they were epic milestones. Oh, and that time you dressed up in a bear costume for me?! Priceless!!

2004 – It was a tough moment there trying to find a picture of JUST US this year, mostly due the fact that I was pregnant and looked like a whale, therefore refusing to take any pictures. It was definitely a trying year for us, tons of drama, but we pulled through and got quite the amazing and perfect prize in the end.

2005 – Here we are trying to grasp at the handles of our youth. Ah, the “party years” I like to call it. This was when I learned that I’m a “sleepy drunk” and went through so many hair colors, it’s not even funny. We were still so young and we could actually stay up ’til 2AM dancing up a storm!

2006 – The year I turned 21! Man, that was a GOOD month! We also took out “pre-honeymoon” cruise. This is easily one of my favorite photos of us and I loved every moment on that vacation, except for the fact that BG1 got pink eye while we were away, so sad. You always amazed me with how sweet and considerate you were, even a few years into our relationship.

2007 – Truly a year to remember. The beginning was dramatic, but once we realized what was important to us, everything fell into place. We got married, got a home together, and really started being a family. I loved everything about our wedding, except that maybe I should’ve relaxed a bit more, lol.

Thank you for breaking down my walls and making me believe that there were GOOD men out there. I’m so lucky to have found a guy I can truly depend on. Nothing has ever felt so right as being in love with you.

You put your Arms around me and I’m home…

2008 – The first year of our marriage went off without a hitch! We definitely reveled in wedded bliss and enjoyed our lives together. Honestly, I never felt more RIGHT than when I’m by your side. We fit together so easily and so perfectly, it amazes me sometimes. I can’t remember my life before US.

2009 – Ah, the year I went away to medical school. That long distance really is BITCH and the months passed by excruciatingly slow, but we made it work. Remember this awesome vacation to Las Vegas?! Definitely one of my favorite memories. The shows, the food, the atmosphere?! Just being anywhere with you though, is fine with me.

2010 – Disney World! (And me probably the skinniest I’ve ever been after having kids, sigh.) I loved this family vacation so much. And the time you and BG1 spent in Miami with me was amazing. We celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and just being in each other’s company again for more than a couple weeks at a time. I couldn’t ask for more! (Although I got more…in the form of a little bun in the oven, lol.)

2011 – My vacation away from school and all that stress and one of the few full years we spent together. You helped me create this amazing, perfect, beautiful bundle of joy that is BG2. Our neat little family of three grew into a sweet family of four and you showed me just how much of a real man you are by taking care of our girls with such love, compassion, and consideration. I fell for you all over again.

2012 – I started up my medical school career  and our long distance relationship again. It was definitely hard to be away from you and both kids after being home for so long. Luckily, I didn’t go too far this time around and we still had some memorable moments. Still, we hit a little snag and things got a little heated, but we pulled through and came out on top and more in love than ever. We’re a work in progress, but we’re working!

2013 – We’ve both grown up so much over the years, becoming who we’re meant to be. And there’s still so many more years to go. This was another year of long distance, but, then again, we’re champs at this game now, right?! And no worries, we’re nearing the home stretch. You’re my rock, babe! I love you more and more everyday.

Here’s to many more years together…

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    • Vivian

      Thank you! I miss them so much and I cherish the times when I’m home and can hug and kiss them all!

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