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August 9, 2013 Technology 0

What are some of the latest iPhone games I’m addicted to at the moment?!

I’m a person who likes “time management” games like Diner Dash, so my latest round of addicting iPhone games runs along the lines of something like that. I used to love playing Diner Dash and got my hands on as many time management games as I could, but they haven’t had a new ones lately and I’ve played all the old ones.

I also love word games like Scramble, Word Search, and Words with Friends (really, any and all the “with Friends” I’ve tried and enjoyed for a time); but I’ve kind of moved on since then. Of course, I’m still a sucker for a good sudoku or bingo game app, so that never changes.

But now, I’m onto “world-building” games, reminiscent of The Sims or Farmville, even though I’ve never played either game. My latest crazes, even though I’ve been playing them for several months, are below:


Happy Street – It’s a tiny little village filled with adorable creatures and where shops and homes all survive on this one street that you can expand over time. You build things, complete tasks, and grow your shops and homes. I like that they have themes for certain holidays – homes, shops, and even creatures to go along with it. It’s very cute and not at all time-consuming. What I like most about this is that you can play this without any internet connection, which is great for times when I can’t get wifi.


Castle Story – As you can tell, you’re basically back in medieval times. Here you’re building workshops, houses, and farmland around a big castle. You’re own little kingdom. You also get farm animals that make cute noises. The only problem with this is it takes a LOT of time to level up and build things and the quests you have to complete also take a lot of time. I feel like I’m only in this because I’ve done so much already, but still, it’s kind of addicting.


Skylander’s Lost Islands – Pretty much in-keeping with the games above, only this involves the Skylanders creatures. I like this a little better because it doesn’t take as long to complete tasks and you level up pretty quickly. Things move faster here than the other games I’m playing, and with all their recent updates, players are getting a lot more for their time. My only problem? Things cost a lot of coins in this game.


The Simpsons: Tapped Out – Easily one of my favorites, but I guess it’s more so because of the characters. I’m a diehard Simpsons fan and I love playing this game. The important characters have funny sayings, you get iconic buildings and landmarks, and they recently expanded to include Krustyland, which I think is a great addition. Yes, their premium stuff costs a lot, but I’m fine with all the basic stuff, so that’s not a problem for me. I like that they’re updating a lot more than before too. Their tasks also take awhile to complete, but it still has its fun moments.

It’s a testament that I’m still not tired of them, even though I’m at pretty high levels on each game and there’s not much left to do that isn’t repetitive. Luckily, the creators keep coming up with new content every so often, so I’m always entertained.

What about you? What games are you addicted to right now? Anything I should try? Riding the Candy Crush train, anyone?

P.S. For the record, I refuse to board that train. Don’t ask me why.

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