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solitudeTitle: The Solitude of Passion [Goodreads][Amazon]
Author: Addison Moore
Publisher: Self-published
Format: eARC
Release Date: August 13, 2013
In My Opinion: Worth a try!
One Line: Even though I hated Lee, I really enjoyed the story and was glued to the pages.

About the Book: When old love and new love collide an impossibility is born.

When Lee Townsend’s husband leaves on a community outreach to China, the last thing she expects is for him to never come back—for him to have tragically met his demise.

Lee goes on to marry his adversary and settles into life and business with him, merging her vineyard with his and creating a worldwide conglomerate.

Five years later a twist of fate brings the past back to her and forces Lee to make a decision that will change the landscape of her life forever.

Secrets emerge, forcing relationships to be examined—magnifying the surprising true underpinnings of her marriage to both Mitch and Max.

Lee’s heart is unwilling to surrender her love for either Mitch or Max.
She must choose to carry forward with the past or present.

Lee has a choice to make.
Mitch can’t figure out how to win.
Max never loses.

Solitude of Passion is a very different and trying kind of read. I didn’t think it would be as emotional or deep as it was, but it turned into that and so much more. There were a lot of things I had issues with as I was reading, but for some reason, I was compelled to keep reading. I think it had to do with Moore’s writing. It was pretty captivating and sensual. A lot of times I was in the moments, but at other times I was some place deeper and more meaningful, and it was those moments that tugged at my heart.

Even though I empathized with Lee and her pain, I still couldn’t get on board with a lot of her decisions and thoughts. Yes, Mitch “died”, but it’s not like he did it on purpose or did something dangerous for selfish reasons. He left for work in place of his brother who broke his leg. Yet, because he left Lee, she practically blames him for his own death. Sure, grief is hard and you look for ways to blame it on others, but it was a bit much. Also, even though her relationship with Max was steady and started out innocent, I still felt like it happened way too fast and she really wasn’t ready for it. Your husband died a few months ago and you’re already harboring intimate thoughts about your “friend”? I’m sure it’s part loneliness and grief, and partly due to the fact that she was always attracted to him, but still, the supposed love of your life JUST died. And she thought of Mitch so many times after his death, constantly seeing him in Colt (his brother), and don’t even get me started on her relationship with him, which was all kinds of messed up itself. All I’m saying is if you see your dead husband in practically every man, especially his brother, and yearn for his touch like you’re a woman starved, you’re really not ready to dive into a serious relationship with someone else. Just my opinion. I just really felt like she didn’t honor Mitch’s death, or really, their love, in a way that I would’ve agreed with.

And when Mitch came back?! Really?! I know its a crazy moment and a flood of emotions surface and all that, but I still didn’t care for the way she handled everything. It’s a dream come true, so much drama and all that, but I was a bit revolted with her and how she acted around both Mitch and Max at that time. This is a tough situation and I get that she’s terribly confused and all, but it was pretty crazy.

Max isn’t a bad guy. He’s loved Lee ever since they were young (they all grew up together), and even though he loved and wanted her, he was just there for her as a caring friend after Mitch “died”. He never forced anything on her and let her tell him how she wanted things to be. Also, he helped manage Lee’s business problems during a very crazy time in her life. I’ll give him credit for all of that. Their marriage is great and you can really tell that they’re compatible and their passion is clearly evident. There were times where I just wanted to smack him, yes, but for the most part, I understood where he was coming from and how scared he was of losing Lee and the life they built together.

As for Mitch, I really sympathized for him and his situation so much. It’s crazy when you learn what really happened to him and how he survived those five years. He is such a great guy and I really couldn’t believe all the crap that he went through. Honestly, his story was a bit farfetched and unbelievable, but I guess that’s where the author wanted it to go. The way he “dies” and eventually comes back just felt too surreal and coincidental, like stuff you’d never believe would happen in real life. Then again, it is a book. Both events weren’t as developed as I would’ve liked, given how important it is to the story. I can’t say I know how things work over in China, but still, it was crazy. I mean, plenty of people visit China and they don’t go through half the crap he does. WHile reading his story I just kept shaking my head and going “REALLY?!”. Despite his situation though, I really liked Mitch. I’m surprised he wasn’t as messed up as a person in his situation would’ve been. Anyways, he’s a good person and his love and devotion for Lee never died. I don’t think I liked him as much as Max, but still, he was good.

Even though it seems like I’m pointing out a lot of negative things about the book, in actuality, I really liked it. It was deep, emotional, and had a lot of drama and romance. Sure, Lee pissed me off all to hell and I didn’t agree with a lot of the actions of some of the other characters, but the story itself was pretty good. I was pretty much glued to the pages, wondering what would happen and who Lee would choose. I think I might avoid adultery books from now on though, as I seem to hate all the characters, but that’s just because I’m completely against cheating in any way. Regardless, Solitude of Passion was a decent read and if you’re into that kind of thing, do give it a read.


I head out into the hall and walk over to the master bedroom, stealth as a ninja. When I left all those sunrises ago, I never dreamed it wouldn’t be until this night I would be back. I place the pads of my fingers soft against the wood—feel the magnetism of Lee wanting to pull me in. But she can’t. There’s an intruder in the bed, and his name is Max Shepherd.

It takes everything in me to peel my hand from the door. There is definitely an energy here. I fight the pulsating desire to burst in and toss Max down the stairs, headfirst. Instead, I float back down to the family room, fall asleep on the couch—get lost in a vat of strange dreams that make me believe I’ve made my way back to Lee again. But deep down inside I know I couldn’t have.

Could I?

bioAuthor Bio: Addison Moore is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who writes contemporary and paranormal romance. Previously she worked as a therapist on a locked psychiatric unit for nearly a decade. She resides on the West Coast with her husband, four wonderful children, and two dogs where she eats too much chocolate and stays up way too late. When she’s not writing, she’s reading.

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    • Vivian

      Lol, yes, you know how I get. Thank goodness this is just a book. I’m all for the drama if its just make believe, haha.

    • Vivian

      Thank you for stopping by! I really loved your writing. It was a difficult topic and definitely stirred up a lot of emotions for me.

    • Vivian

      Oh, trust me, I wanted to smack Lee so much a few times, but the story itself was very interesting.

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