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stalked death

Jodi knows that any slip-ups made by the Ophi–a special group of necromancers born under the 13th sign of the zodiac–will fall on her shoulders… and that Hades is just waiting for them to screw up so he can wipe out the Ophi line.

Unfortunately, Jodi has only convinced one Ophi to join her school: A hot guy named Chase who jeopardizes her relationship with Alex. Jodi loves Alex, but Chase can enhance her powers with just a touch—making her stronger than any Ophi has ever been.

Her mixed emotions send her powers surging out of control, and the dead start rising without her conscious summoning—exactly what Hades doesn’t want! If she chooses Alex over Chase, she may lose the battle to Hades, leading the Ophi race to extinction. If she chooses Chase, she might be able to stop Hades for good… but lose everything else.

Jodi needs to figure things out fast–because death is stalking her at every turn.

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I went for the door and opened it, not wanting to see how much this corpse was willing to destroy to get into my bedroom. His body probably would’ve crumbled to pieces before he got in, and I had no clue how to get dead guy out of the carpet. I swung the door open and faced the guy Leticia had raised in the cemetery. Normally, a corpse honed in on the person who had summoned them. It was a revenge thing, a desire to rip apart the one who pulled them out of wherever they were. But this guy was staring right at me.
Leticia whimpered on my bed. “What do we do?”
“We have to release him.”
“I thought you already did that. Did you leave him in the cemetery or something?”
“No. I released him, but when I went back to bury his body, he was gone.”
“Yeah, well, you found him. Now get rid of him.”
I knew I could easily send him back to hell—I was quickly becoming convinced that’s where he’d come from—but I glanced back at Leticia. “You want to give it a try?”
“What? No! Get rid of him.” She squeezed my pillow in front of her, like that was going to stop a zombie from ripping her heart out.
“Come on, Leticia. You summoned him. You need to release him.”
“But I didn’t summon him. You said you released his soul. Someone else must have summoned him.”
I looked at the guy. He glared at me, waiting for a command.
“What’s he doing? Why is he just standing there?” Leticia’s voice cracked.
“I think he’s waiting for orders.” This had never happened before, but he was waiting for me to tell him what to do. How was I controlling him without knowing it?
“Then you raised him?” Leticia got up from the bed and walked over to me. “What’s going on, Jodi?”
“I’m not sure. I didn’t raise him. At least, I don’t remember raising him.”
“You don’t remember?” Leticia looked back and forth between the corpse and me. “That’s impossible.”
“Jodi!” Alex rushed into the doorway, stopping short of the zombie. He looked at me with wide eyes. “Whoa, is that—”
“In the living dead flesh. The question is, how did he get here?”
“We know how.” Leticia was looking at me like she wanted to scream in my face. So much for our heart-to-heart. “You told me you would never raise a zombie again, but here’s one now. Did you plan this?”
“Leticia, no!” How could she even think that?
“Leticia, go to your room and calm down. Jodi and I will figure this out.” Alex stepped aside so she could leave.
“Wait.” I reached for Leticia, but she sidestepped me. “I swear I didn’t do this. You have to believe me. Everything I told you tonight was the truth.”
She paused, considering what I said. I silently pleaded with her to believe me. To stay and hear me out. I had to get her to listen. To stop running away from me.
Without warning, the corpse reached out and grabbed Leticia. She shrieked as he locked his arms around her. Alex tried to pull Leticia from the guy’s grasp, but all he succeeded in doing was breaking chunks of flesh from the corpse’s arm.
“Stop!” I yelled. “Let her go! Now!” The guy let go of Leticia, and she ran for her room without looking back.
Alex stared at me, and I knew exactly what he was thinking. This guy thought I was the one who’d raised him. Was that possible? I had to know. The thing about zombies was, they didn’t talk until you told them to. They were pretty much mindless beings unless an Ophi commanded them. They followed directions, and if there were no directions to follow, well, they’d try to eat the thing nearest to them.
I took a deep breath and looked the zombie in the eyes. His pupils were a pale blue color and one eyeball oozed a greenish liquid. I swallowed hard, trying to keep my dinner from resurfacing. “Tell me who raised you after I released your soul.”
He pointed a bruised finger at me. “You.” His voice was scratchy, like—well, like someone who’d been dead for a while.
“This can’t be happening. I didn’t raise you. I didn’t raise anyone.” My body was shaking, and I felt the blood in my veins mixing.
“Jodi, calm down.” Alex put his arm around my shoulder, but he practically jumped back the second he made contact with me. “You’re burning up.”

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  1. Eileen @ Singing and Reading in the Rain

    Ahh I’ve been seeing some reviews for Stalked by Death where a lot of people didn’t like it as much as the first book. I thought the first one was okay but if not many people liked the second one I’ll probably be staying away from it.

    Thanks for sharing, though! <33 I can't remember who Leticia is at all right now and it was great to see Jodi and Alex again for a while.
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