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August 2, 2013 On My Mind 5

Every girl loves receiving flowers and jewelry, especially from a significant other, right?

Well, what if I were to say, I couldn’t care less about those things? In case you didn’t know, I’ve always been a rather simple person in some aspects of life, and this area would be one of them.


I’ve never cared for flowers. Sure, they’re pretty to look at. Some may even smell…decent (I don’t really care for the smell most of the time). But, I’m not a fan. I’ll admit I do have a favorite flower, the orchid, which I think is so pretty, but do I want to receive endless flowers from my lover on special occasions or “just because” occasions? Nope. To me, flowers are overpriced novelty items that really serve no purpose and eventually die and leave a mess for you to clean up in the end.

Yes, I had my fair share of receiving flowers back in the day when my man was “wooing” me, even though I told him he didn’t have to, and I never got all mushy or “girly” about them. He just did it anyways (because society has ingrained the idea into men that they should buy their ladies flowers). Of course, I would save them, for sentimental reasons (more for his sake), but they were really just sitting there, taking up space and after the day he gave each bouquet to me, I never looked at them.

You know I managed to fill a box that housed a 65″ TV with all the flowers he gave me. Where is that box now?! In the dumpster. Actually, it’s been a few years so its probably compost now.

Anyways, the Hubbi has since learned that it’s better NOT to waste money on flowers for me. If I want to look at them, I’ll either visit a flower shop or stop by my mother’s house (who, by the way, loves flowers as much as I don’t care for them) and stare at them until my heart’s content.

Flowers?! Yeah, not for me! (This may also have to do with my aversion to nature, grass, dirt, and all that – but that’s a different story.)

2013-08-01 21.49.19

With jewelry, of course I love it! But for me, it’s more that I’ve always been a creature of habit and when it comes to jewelry, I tend to always wear the same thing. First off, you should know, I don’t wear costume jewelry or just anything fake in general. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just, growing up in my household, really in Asian cultures, we give our girls anywhere from 14K-24K gold/white gold jewelry to wear, and that’s just what we’re used to. Some women may mix and match, switch things up, become more Americanized, whatever; but when I was growing up, I had a pair of earrings (either hoops or studs, sometimes a dangling one that we would all share between the girls of the house, and trust me, not because we were poor or anything), a simple necklace, and a set of 7 bangles (typical Asian girl jewelry piece back in the day, I don’t know why exactly) and that was it. And I liked it that way.

Side note: Sure, I rocked the anklet and even the occasional toe ring *GASP* back in the day, but those moments were all short-lived, believe me!

Now that I’m in my late twenties, I have changed it up a bit – no more bangles (my girls will wear them when they can fit them), my engagement & wedding rings, either my Journey necklace or a simple diamond necklace (shown above), and a small array of earrings (again, hoops and studs). I think earrings are the most dominant type of jewelry in my collection, as I have various sizes of hoops and studs in different settings. Once I get something I like, I just wear them all the time. I believe I wore my childhood necklace until I met the Hubbi, who bought the two necklaces I currently wear now (both were bought in the span of our 10 year relationship, by the way). I don’t feel the need to switch it up and it works for me. I’ve never felt the need to wear a ton of jewelry or change it up for special occasions, except for my earrings, and even those are pretty simple.

Simple and classic. That’s me!

So what are your thoughts on flowers and jewelry?

P.S. I think, if anything, my Hubbi should be thanking the skies above that he doesn’t have to waste time and money on buying me flowers and jewelry, lol. Although, I did have a name brand purse addiction for a minute there, ah, LV & Gucci! Nowadays though, I’m all about the books!

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5 Responses to “Flowers and Jewelry”

  1. Richa

    Not a fan of flowers either! I just generally don’t like them, for some reason. But I do love orchids too 😀 (mostly because it’s the national flower of Singapore, lol)
    Totally agree with the Asian culture thing, my mom still makes me wear these gold earrings that I’ve worn for like the past 5 years!
    Richa recently posted…Review: Written in Stone by Rosanne ParryMy Profile

    • Vivian

      Good to know its not just me, lol. Yes, orchids are so pretty! And yay! You totally get me with the whole jewelry thing, lol.

  2. Crystal

    I love flowers, but maybe it’s because I don’t get them so often LOL…so when my husband sends me flowers I am usually pretty thrilled but where I work I doubt he can send them to me b/c everything gets radiated before it gets to my office, so the flowers might not make it LOL….BTW I am a new follower on Blog Loving (stop by check me out at

    • Vivian

      Lol, yea, I just feel weird bc girls are supposed to like flowers, but I’ve never been really girly or anything like that. Thanks for stopping by!

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