My Daughter Actually Likes Wearing Glasses

August 8, 2013 BG1 4

I come from a family full of vision-impaired eyes. My dad and all my siblings wear glasses, my mom is the only fortunate one in the family. My husband also wears glasses, with astigmatisms in both his eyes, sadly. So, naturally, we knew that our children would eventually have to get some eyewear sooner or later.

We were hoping for later.

Unfortunately, BG1’s eyes are already giving out on her, and she had to get glasses last year. Thankfully, it’s only for reading faraway things, the beginning stages, so I try to only let her wear it at school when she would need to see the board or something. She, however, has other plans and likes to wear them all the time.


Granted, she did pick out some cute glasses, but I’m trying to keep her eyes in good shape for as long as possible and I don’t want her to depend on the glasses so much, because we all know that they help, but then they also make your eyes worse and your prescription only goes down from there.

She reminds me a lot of myself, because I didn’t have to really wear glasses until much later than my siblings, definitely later than my husband, who is practically blind, lol. I think I started wearing glasses full-time in my last couple years of high school, so I’m hoping at least one of my kids holds out until then. Maybe we’ll get lucky and and either BG2 or any of our future children won’t need them!

I’ve never been a fan of glasses, myself, especially since I barely have a bridge on my nose so my glasses never stay up the way I want them. I remember back in the day I just didn’t like the way they looked on me and felt insecure. Of course, that was back in the day when people would make fun of those who wore glasses. Nowadays, it seems like there are more of us than those who don’t, honestly. I’m guessing by how much BG1 likes to wear them, she doesn’t get ridiculed at school for me, so I’m glad for that. And if she can make a fashion statement out of them, that’s great!

What is your take on glasses for you or your kids? Any worries at all? Am I just being overly cautious?

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4 Responses to “My Daughter Actually Likes Wearing Glasses”

  1. Bella's Shelf

    I needed glasses when I turned about 19. Shocking because my Father and Mother both wore them from early on.
    I was insecure at first. I am also ROUGH on my glasses too. I fall asleep with them on EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. No fail. So, I have the junky bed time pair and the good ones for during the day.
    It was hard for me because frames/lenses were pricey and my insurance ONLY covers 1 pair every 2 years now! You break them, lose them, they get stolen, etc. they don’t care.
    Then I found Firmoo. You should check em out. They have a blogger review thing. You get 1 pair, any pair, for free (lenses too) and you write a review.
    I did that & I bought 2 more pairs (you get a 1st time discount) I got 2 awesome frames, stylish, and everything, w/lenses for 15 bucks!
    If you want to make the lenses go dark in the sun and clear in the light its like 30$ extra!
    I paid 100$ for my transitions lenses!
    I saw your post and had to tell you about this site cuz they saved my glasses and my wallet.
    I’ll get contacts eventually. I am in my late 30’s now and feel I look weird without my glasses after so many years of wearing them. From 19-37 almost 20 years! Half my life? whoa. lolz
    Lovely blog you have here btw. I am glad I found you..
    Bella’s Shelf recently posted…Something Strange and Deadly Book ClubMy Profile

    • Vivian

      Yea, I wasn’t a fan of glasses either, but they grew on me, lol. Good thing my daughter likes it. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Candace

    I guess I was lucky (am lucky). I never had to wear glasses and as far as I know my eyes are fine. Which is weird because every other person in my family has glasses. When I was in third grade I wanted glasses SO badly I lied at the eye test. And I got glasses, but I stopped wearing them pretty quickly and my next eye exam proved my eyes were fine.
    Your daughter DOES have cute glasses, I’d want to wear them all the time too!
    Candace recently posted…Young Adult Review: My Life Next Door by Huntley FitzpatrickMy Profile

    • Vivian

      Dang, you are lucky! My SIL doesn’t wear glasses either, and she’s the only one, haha. Thanks for the comment!

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