Out of Play by Jolene Perry & Nyrae Dawn

August 20, 2013 New Adult Book Reviews 2

out of playTitle: Out of Play [Goodreads][Amazon]
Author: Jolene Perry & Nyrae Dawn
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Format: eARC
Pages: 320
Release Date: August 6, 2013
In My Opinion: Worthy a try!
One Line: A decent female lead, but the story barely kept me interested.

About the Book: Rock star drummer Bishop Riley doesn’t have a drug problem. Celebrities—especially ones suffering from anxiety—just need a little help taking the edge off sometimes. After downing a few too many pills, Bishop wakes up in the hospital facing an intervention. If he wants to stay in the band, he’ll have to detox while under house arrest in Seldon, Alaska.

Hockey player Penny Jones can’t imagine a life outside of Seldon. Though she has tons of scholarship offers to all the best schools, the last thing she wants is to leave. Who’ll take care of her absentminded gramps? Not her mother, who can’t even be bothered to come home from work, let alone deal with their new tenants next door.

Penny’s not interested in dealing with Bishop’s crappy attitude, and Bishop’s too busy sneaking pills to care. Until he starts hanging out with Gramps and begins to see what he’s been missing. If Bishop wants a chance with the fiery girl next door, he’ll have to admit he has a problem and kick it. Too bad addiction is hard to kick…and Bishop’s about to run out of time.

Out of Play was another one of those books that everyone seems to love, but I thought was just okay. Some of the characters were good, and the writing was fine, but I just couldn’t connect to the story as a whole and was pretty bored most of the time. I did like those times when Bishop and Penny hung out, how she challenged him and how they got each other, but being in their heads wasn’t all that fun or interesting and I found myself getting distracted easily and never really caring what was going on.

Penny was a great female character. I loved how tough she was and her snark. She definitely isn’t one of those sweet, sensitive girls, and she knows how to get what she wants. I could easily see being friends with someone like her. Although, I thought she could’ve handled her issues with choosing where to go to college a lot better, but then again, she’s young, and it’s tough when everyone you love expects something from you and you want something else. The bigger issues I had with her was how she treated her mother and also how she treated Becca, her best friend’s girlfriend. I could understand her issues with her mom more so, but still, she was a bit too disrespectful at times and I didn’t like their relationship at all. Also, I didn’t like the mom at all, so that’s a moot point. With Becca, Penny came off as petty and pretty much a bitch, and I understand why, but I didn’t like it. Still, I liked her personality overall.

Bishop was a hard character to relate to first off. I didn’t get any swoony vibes from him and honestly, I didn’t really connect with him at all. He has anxiety issues, drug and alcohol issues, and his mind is all over the place. I loved his passion for playing the drums and he balanced Penny out well, but still, I just didn’t really care for him. He was still struggling with his issues, or actually admitting he had real issues, until the end and I never really liked him.

While Out of Play certainly has its moments, for the most part, I didn’t see anything special about it. I think its strongest asset was Penny, but again, even she bugged me at times. Many readers will enjoy this story, but this one just didn’t do it for me. Was it a waste of time to read? No. Will I recommend it others? Probably not.

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