I Haven’t Read It Yet [5]

September 14, 2013 Books 2

There are a TON of books out there I haven’t read yet that would put me to shame if you all found. But still, I thought I’d make a weekly feature showcasing some of them for you to see.

Should I move them up the list? Is it wrong that I haven’t read it yet? Do I need to drop it from my shelf altogether? Maybe even a few of you can help me feel not so left out by saying that you haven’t read these titles, too!

What do you think?


Wicked Lovely Series
Wicked Lovely (#1)
Ink Exchange (#2)
Fragile Eternity (#3)
Radiant Shadows (#4)
Darkest Mercy (#5)

I remember reading Wicked Lovely a few years ago and loving it. I have yet to finish the series. Sigh…also, I don’t know why, but I bought all of them except for Book 4 (Radiant Shadows), lol. That was weird?!

Anyways, I don’t even remember the story much, to be honest, but I know I enjoyed it. I’m hoping these other books will be good, too, but I don’t know if I’ll get to them any time this year. Did any of you read and enjoy this series? I hear there’s a companion novel coming out soon!

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2 Responses to “I Haven’t Read It Yet [5]”

  1. Medash

    Lol! Me too! I keep hearing great things about this series. I fell in love with the first one, but the second kind of lagged for me. Need to give it a second chance.

    • Vivian

      A lot of people have read the 1st two, then stopped?! Ugh, I hope it doesn’t get like that for me!

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