Happy 9th Birthday, Alyssa!

November 3, 2013 BG1 2

Holy bajeebus! I have a NINE year old! How can this be?!

I swear, it was yesterday when I was holding your tiny 6lb 15oz self in my arms, marveling at the beautiful little person I just brought into the world.

I’m so upset I didn’t do an 8 year old post, but as I’m looking back at the 7 year old post I did, I can’t help but smile and my heart fills with joy. You make me so proud and happy to be your mom. You amaze me every day with how smart, kind, thoughtful, and genuine you are. Your personality, your likes and dislikes, and so much more are coming alive.


I really need to revel in what little time I have left of you being young and cute before you hit the double digits and then get all “crazy teen” on me! Oh, boy!

No matter what though, I love you more than anything! Forever and always, my Baby Girl!

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