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Forged By Fate Synopsis:

He’s waited more than 900 years to love her…

Being the Gatekeeper to Hades is no small feat, and waiting almost a millennia to meet your mate is damn near impossible. But Theo Bradford’s mark has finally surfaced on his intended. Now all he has to do is find her and convince her to embrace her supernatural heritage.

Young genius, Sadie Nowland, has got life figured out. Graduating college at the age of eighteen and accepting a six-figure job is just what she needs to prove she’s made something of herself. But when a strange tattoo mysteriously appears on her shoulder and Theo starts talking about Mates, it catapults her neatly laid out life into chaos.

Somehow a vicious demon banished to Hades defies Theo’s vanquish and returns, setting his target on Sadie, and she is thrust into the volatile world of Shomrei warriors and a connection to Theo her brain can’t comprehend and her body can’t deny. That primal bond proves more imperative to their survival than either could have ever imagined—and just may be the key to the world’s survival.


His tender tongue brushed her bottom lip, begging entrance. She opened, tasting him for the first time. The mint intensified, but then a wave of heady cologne swam over her.
She ran her hands down his chest, over the smooth cotton T-shirt and each and every curve of his chiseled body, then coiled her arms beneath his to latch onto his shoulders. The motion pulled her flush against him, and he took in a sharp breath.
Then dove deeper.
A thrill shot through her stomach. Heat enveloped her, hugging her waist, then worked straight to her heart.
He fisted his hand in her hair and kissed a trail along her jaw to her ear, then just behind.
“Oh.” Goose bumps claimed her skin. God, that felt good.
“You used the vanilla spray.” He licked her skin. “I was hoping you would.”
“Is that your ploy? Have things stashed in the bathroom for the women you bring here?”
He whipped his head from her neck. The pained look of shock in his eyes sent her heart thrashing even more than it already was.
His shiny lips pressed into a thin line, and she swore she heard him growl.
“You think I’ve brought other women to my sanctuary?” He stepped away, leaving a void. A cold, icy void.
She hugged her stomach, regret pricking like an ice pick.
“Have you not heard anything I’ve said?” He grabbed her shoulders again. “You’re mine. My Mate.”
“But you’re more than nine hundred years old, Theo. You had to have been with women before.” Especially to be such a good kisser.
He held her gaze, and it was then she knew. There’d been no one before her.
As in ever.
Tears stung. He’d truly been alone. Waiting.
For her.

Reese Monroe Bio:

Originally from Minnesota, Reese Monroe currently enjoys living in the sunny Arizona desert with her husband of seventeen years and her loveable Shetland Sheep dog, Maddux. Monroe holds a degree in psychology from Southwest Minnesota State University and a master’s degree from the University of Iowa. When she’s not busy writing her next trilogy, she can be found pounding the pavement, training to run her first marathon.

Reese Monroe is a contributing blogger at the widely popular site New Adult Alley ( and has been part of the New Adult revolution for years having penned over thirty novels in the exciting new category. Look for her Bound by Hades trilogy coming soon from Entangled Publishing.

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