Needing Her by Molly McAdams

December 23, 2013 New Adult Book Reviews 1

needingherTitle: Needing Her [Goodreads][Amazon]
Author: Molly McAdams
Publisher: William Morrow Impulse
Format: eARC
Pages: 384
Release Date: December 23, 2013
In My Opinion: Worth a try!
One Line: I loved the pranks and the characters were okay with just some parts that bugged me.

About the Book: She’s the Girl Next Door

Maci Price isn’t really into relationships. Having four very protective older brothers has always made having a boyfriend very difficult, anyway. But her friend is set on finding her the perfect guy – and thinks the mysterious Connor Green is the perfect pick.

He’s Her Brother’s Best Friend

Connor Green is trying to find himself again. He loved then lost and it’s time for him to pick up the pieces. His brooding is making his friends crazy, but, Maci Price, who has grown up into a gorgeous and incredibly sexy woman, is about to break the spell.

They’re Made for Each Other

When Maci starts up old pranks to get Connor out of his slump, an all out war leads to a night that will break all their rules, and a relationship they must keep hidden. Together they’re electric. Apart they’re safe. And soon they’ll find they’re exactly what the other needs.

A fabulous, fun, and sexy, New Adult novella from New York Times bestselling author Molly McAdams. If you loved Connor in From Ashes, this is the story for you.

This is actually my first novel by Molly McAdams and I have to say, Needing Her wasn’t that bad. There were definitely some parts that felt a bit too intense for what I felt this book was about, but I did like the main characters and their interactions, so that’s what kept things going for me. I will say that their romance wasn’t really a favorite of mine, but I enjoyed it enough and I definitely never felt bored. Molly’s writing is pretty decent, too.

Easily, one of the best parts of this book was the playful, yet intense relationship Conner and Maci shared. These two live next door to one another and are constantly playing pranks on each other. I loved those moments and totally laughed my head off. Maci herself was a decent character, she had her strong moments and was tough at times, yet also caring and sensitive, especially when it came to Conner, her long-time crush. Conner isn’t so bad either. He’s a little rough around the edges and not the kind of guy I’d go for (even as a book boyfriend), but he and Maci seem to fit together well. One thing that bugged me though, was the abruptness at which Conner liked Maci. One second she was just his best friend’s annoying sister and next thing you know, he can’t stop thinking about her or finding her attractive. I know things can change for people like that, but I didn’t see the exact moment when that happened. I can’t even really describe it well, I just know that I didn’t like how that came about.

My biggest pet peeve about this book was Maci’s brothers. Man, I just wanted to punch each and every one of them in the balls. They seriously treated Maci like crap, then turn around and threaten any guy that tries to get close to her, claiming they’re trying to protect her from “assholes like them”. I get protectiveness and all, but this was the intense and extreme part I was talking about. And it doesn’t seem like their parents have much say in the matter. I really don’t know why these brothers are so crazy to the point where it’s downright wrong, and I wish Molly had shown us why they are the way that they are. I would understand if Maci made plenty of poor decisions in her past or even if they all had a crappy childhood, but that wasn’t the case here. Also, I didn’t like how long it took for Maci to stand up for herself, and I felt the way she did wasn’t even that monumental.

Anyways, despite my troubles with it, I still enjoyed the book and I might even check out Molly’s other novels. The pranks were definitely the highlight of the book and Maci and Conner are entertaining characters.

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  1. Andrea @ The Bookish Babe

    I think I would enjoy the fun relationship between Conner and Maci, too. Especially the pranks. But, ugh, the sound of those brothers makes me want to punch them in the balls, too.
    Great review, Vi!

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