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December 19, 2013 Young Adult Book Reviews 2

warriorTitle: Warrior (The Dragon King Chronicles #2) [Goodreads][Amazon]
Author: Ellen Oh
Publisher: HarperTeen
Format: eARC
Pages: 336
Release Date: December 31, 2013
In My Opinion: Add to cart!
One Line: Even more exciting and action-packed than the first book, Warrior was a spectacular sequel and I’m dying for more!

About the Book: First an outcast, now a hero.

But her fight rages on.

Kira, the yellow-eyed demon slayer who fiercely protected her kingdom—and the crown prince—has been proclaimed the Dragon Musado of the prophecy. With the defeated the evil shaman.

But it wasn’t enough.

Hansong is in chaos. The Demon Lord’s minions have infiltrated the city, treason is brewing among the military ranks, and Kira is buried by the overwhelming loss of her parents. She’s also plagued by the annoying feelings that blossom whenever she’s around Jaewon. But she is determined that nothing will stop her from finding the second treasure needed to fulfill the Dragon King’s prophecy. Not even the army of half-breed demons hot on their trail. If only she could learn to trust others…

Her father always said one person can change the world. Will it be Kira?

Warrior was everything I was hoping for and more. Ellen kept me engaged and riveted with her cast of unforgettable characters and creatures, enchanting fantasy world, and plenty of action that had me shouting at the pages. Kira is by far one of my favorite female characters ever, that’s partly due the fact that I can relate to her a bit, I guess. As Kira and her friends journey to find the second of the Dragon King’s treasures, they have to deal with the threat of a war, tons of crazy and fierce demons who want to kill them, and Kira herself is waging an internal battle with the Demon Lord. The pacing was steady and Ellen killed it with those action scenes. You seriously can’t be bored with this book.

One of the things that keeps me chugging through these books is Kira. As with how I felt in Prophecy, I love how tough and “un-girly” she is, yet you also get to see softer sides of her pop up throughout the book. There were a couple scenes in the book that totally made me giggle because Kira was forced to step out of her comfort zone and experience a few things that “normal” girls would. I think she handled each obstacle she faced well, and with her own little twist to it that I really enjoyed. I don’t want to give anything away, but there’s a scene later on in the book where there’s a bit of tension between some of the men in Kira’s life that I found particularly entertaining and Kira’s thoughts on it definitely cracked me up. Also, I really admire Kira’s dedication and loyalty to her cousin, the crowned prince. Their friendship is so genuine and sincere, it just makes me smile. Like I said before, I also loved the relationship she has with her brothers. You only get to see one of them more so than the other in this book, but I loved their moments together with Kira.

Aside from Kira, the fantasy world itself was just plain awesome. Ellen dives in deeper into the terrain and creatures of this world and they are all pretty spectacular. Let me just say that I seriously want a dokkaebi of my own! You see a bunch of menacing demons that I couldn’t even begin to describe, and a couple mythological creatures, such as dragons and flying horses, that were captivating in their own right. There is just the tiniest touch of romance in here, but otherwise, it’s all fantasy and action and I love it!

Ellen Oh, you’ve done it again! I am even more in love with this series and I can’t wait for Book 3, to see how it all ends. I have to say, that ending was a bit sad (and you definitely tugged at my heart a couple times throughout the book in general), but all kinds of awesome. Ellen still manages to write just the right amount of story and scenery to get her point across and paint a vivid image without it being overkill and that’s exactly what I needed. If you enjoyed the first book, Prophecy, you’ll definitely want to pick up Warrior and devour it like I did!

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