As the Bump Grows: Week 17

March 17, 2014 As the Bump Grows, Pregnancy 12

I am settling in to the 4th month now, it seems. I don’t know about you, but I feel like time is moving by so slowly. I kind of want to fast forward through all this and get to the good stuff, like when the baby comes, lol. But, I should also savor every day since it’s my last pregnancy. Ugh, I have so many conflicting thoughts and emotions going on inside me, you don’t want to be in my head!

And now for the belly shot:


I really don’t think my belly has changed much from last week. You can obviously tell I’m pregnant, of course, and more and more people around me are starting to notice. It’s more “tight/firm” in the upper half of my belly though and the lower half is still a bit squishy, so I don’t really know what to think about that. I’m hoping it’s because my uterus is getting bigger & pushing my organs upwards already, so that’s why it’s so firm there. And the squishy part is really just that bit of flab that’s been there since my first pregnancy.

Baby Size: About the size of a “Turnip” – 5in, 5oz
Gender: Unknown. My Anatomy US appt is March 27th so I can’t wait until next week!
Movement: None yet, which makes me anxious.
Weight Gained: I actually lost 2lbs! Lol. (Although I don’t know how accurate my bathroom scale is because I haven’t used it in years, but I don’t feel like I’ve really gotten any bigger.)
New Pregnancy Symptoms: None really. Still suffering from major acid reflux and gas and the occasional back and pelvic aches. And the itchy boobs, too.
Cravings/Aversions: Nothing yet, either way. I do have my appetite back, but food doesn’t really interest me nowadays. I just eat because I’m hungry, and not much at that, which probably explains why I lost some weight, haha.
Sleep Changes: Nothing much has changed there. Starting to get a little more uncomfortable, but nothing too bad.
How I’m Feeling: A little sad sometimes, with no real reason though. I always have a lot on my mind, and that tends to drive my emotions in all sorts of directions.
Anything Else: Still feeling anxious about whether or not the baby is growing and if it’s healthy. Even more important than finding out the gender, I seriously can’t wait for the US so I can know for sure that things are going accordingly and that Baby is alright. I don’t have any real reason for feeling so anxious, I just can’t help it.

Thanks for following along on this journey with me. See you next week!

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12 Responses to “As the Bump Grows: Week 17”

  1. Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

    You’re freaking adorable.

    I’m giving you lots of virtual hugs and love during your pregnancy girl. I can’t even imagine the things you must be feeling or the thoughts running through your mind, but I can imagine I would be scared to death about having a little person growing inside of me and wanting to make sure everything is ok!
    Jessica@Lovin’ Los Libros recently posted…Blog Tour: Unconditional by Melody Grace {Review, Top Ten List,+Giveaway!}My Profile

    • Vi

      Thank you, my dear! Oh trust, even though it’s my 3rd pregnancy, I’m still just as scared as if it were my 1st. Two healthy kids does not mean the 3rd will be, but we’re hoping for the best. Thanks for the encouragement, sweets!

    • Vi

      Thank you!!! Yeah, I’m definitely feeling more emotional with this pregnancy. It’s been rough, but I’m holding on, lol.

  2. sarah c.

    When I was pregnant my belly did that too. I had a boy whostayed up top and oh man.. I had heartburn like no other… Since this is my first time on commenting about your pregnancy I would like to say Congrats to ya!!!!

    • Vi

      Aw, thank you! Hmm, you know, I keep hearing that boy pregnancies are worse on your body and now with what you just said, I’m beginning to wonder?! Lol. I’m so anxious for my US next week! And yes, the heartburn is a real pain! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Rachel Harris

    Seriously, you’re so gorgeous. And I love this idea of tracking your pregnancy and keeping a great record. I think I tried doing that with mine way back when, but my flighty self dropped off with it. This is fun to share with you. Can’t wait to hear the gender xoxoxo

    • Vi

      Thank you! It isn’t my best look, but I’m hoping to round out more as the pregnancy progresses, lol. Yeah, I love chronicling things so a pregnancy diary is one of my fave things to do! Thanks for stopping by!

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