Pregnancy Symptoms This Time Around: Fatigue

March 20, 2014 Pregnancy, Pregnancy Diary 4

Hello, again!

So, in addition to all that nausea mess that I experienced most of my first trimester, I also dealt with crazy fatigue!


I swear, I practically slept all day and night during those months, when I wasn’t working, of course! But yeah, trying to get through a typical day was pretty brutal. The nausea made me feel like crap, and I just didn’t have any energy. And usually I’m not a nap person at all, but I would nap for like 3 hours at a time, and still sleep for like 8-10 hours at night. I just didn’t have it in me to get up. While at work, if there was any down time, you’d definitely find me “head-bobbing” at my desk, lol. And when those days were over, I’d pretty much just throw something down my throat to fight the hunger, and crawl into bed.

I was not a very productive person during that time, let me tell you!

I think though, as the weeks progressed and I SLOWLY got my energy back, I noticed I would be less fatigued if I was outside the house or doing something. I guess being more active helps you have more energy in general, but really, the initial effort to get out of bed was a struggle for me on most days. I think about a week before the nausea officially ended, that’s when I finally started feeling more like myself. I noticed that I napped less and was able to get more things done, or at least, want to get more things done.

While not a totally bad thing, it just sucked because I hate feeling like I wasted a day doing absolutely nothing.

Any of you battled with crazy fatigue during the early months? Practically a zombie? Yeah, I feel ya!

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4 Responses to “Pregnancy Symptoms This Time Around: Fatigue”

  1. Alyn

    I had fatigue with my pregnancies too. I agree with you, just moving about did help a bit but there were times I would be at the store and I’d feel myself falling asleep as I did my grocery shopping. I have to admit, I enjoyed those naps! Hoping you get your energy back soon! Naps are good but nothing ever gets done.

    • Vi

      Luckily, I have moved past the fatigue, haha. I do miss those naps sometimes, but I like being to get things done, you know? Lol, your grocery store experience!

    • Vi

      I think the nausea has this symptom beat by a landslide, but yes, this one was pretty rough on me, too. I’m glad it’s basically over now, although I do have my “I Need a NAP!” moments. Thanks for stopping by!

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