Book Review: Fugitive X by Gregg Rosenblum

April 10, 2014 Young Adult Book Reviews 0 ★★½

Book Review: Fugitive X by Gregg RosenblumTitle: Fugitive X by Gregg Rosenblum
Series: Revolution 19 #2
Published by: HarperTeen on January 7, 2014
Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Source: Edelweiss
Format: eARC
Pages: 320
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Their fight for freedom is humanity's last hope for survival. The chilling Revolution 19 trilogy continues in Fugitive X.

A war between humans and robots is on the horizon, and only one side will survive.

Siblings Nick, Kevin, and Cass are struggling to survive in a world where deadly, sophisticated robots have turned on their creators and enslaved mankind. Fugitives from one of the bot-controlled Cities, the siblings venture into the woods, but when they are attacked by bot foot soldiers, the siblings are separated...and for the first time, they are on their own.

I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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One Line: Not as exciting as the first, but it was okay.

In My Opinion: Worth a try!

As much as I liked Revolution 19, with all the excitement, danger, and action, Fugitive X left a lot to be desired. I’m guessing this book is suffering from “second book syndrome” because it just wasn’t as engaging or entertaining as the first one. It’s more of a filler. While I did enjoy seeing the siblings separated, discovering more about themselves and the world around them, there wasn’t much to it.

While each storyline had its merit, Kevin’s seemed to be the main focus. He is the tech-wise character in this story and as much as I liked seeing him work on his craft and learn some cold, hard facts about the robots, it didn’t really catch my attention. Even Nick, who I really liked in the first book, failed to capture my attention as much in this one. I loved his dedication to his siblings, his courage and all, but there was just something missing. Cass, on the other hand, was basically captured by the city robots, forced to re-assimilate, and then forced back into the wild as part of some “master plan” of which was so choppy and weird, I was wondering what was the point.

The pacing is definitely slower in this book than with the first. It’s more about inserting key elements into the story for the reader to grasp, which I think will be important in the last book. While I appreciate the author’s attempt, I’m not a fan of filler books and would’ve liked to have seen more action and excitement in this one. If you’re a fan of the series, you might want to wait until all the books are out, read this one just so you’re clued into what’s happening, but I think, or rather, I’m hoping the last book will be just as exciting and captivating as the first.

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