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Recently, I got to try out a fairly new product for pregnant women that was definitely something I needed to check out. Preggers is a “unique line of maternity support hose and compression products designed by future moms for future moms”. They put together the needed compression aspect to help moms-to-be who suffer from what I like to call, “Elephant Feet”, with a stylish appeal that fits the trends of fashion nowadays.

I received two footless tights from Preggers to try out and I paired them with some long shirt-style tops.

The first time I wore it, it was pretty early on in my pregnancy and I wasn’t plagued with Elephant Feet just yet, but I thought I’d give it a try anyways. I loved the color, despite there being a somewhat sheer look to them, you honestly couldn’t tell. It’s definitely very tight on the ankle and lower leg, which wasn’t so hard to put on back then, but towards the thighs and waist, it was loose and comfortable. I was able to wear this all day without any problems. I like that they’re breathable and comfortable.

My only gripe with it was that you definitely can’t wear this with a tight, form-fitting top like I chose and expect to be able to pull the tights all the way up. Unfortunately, the seam in the middle shows through and it kind of sucked because I wanted more coverage and I wanted things to be more smooth around the waist and back area, darn those love handles.

preggers3 preggers1 preggers2

Again, I decide to pair my other pair of tights with a fitted top, only because I liked the look. I was farther along when I wore it again, so I’ll admit, it took quite an effort to get this on, but once you can get it past your feet, you’re good to go. By now, I get the occasional bout of baby Elephant Feet and I chose this particular day to wear it because I was attending an event and would be on my feet all day so I could really test it out.

At the end of the day, my feet stayed normal!

preggers4 preggers6

You can kind of tell that my ankles were swelling slightly, and I just know if I weren’t wearing these, my feet would’ve been ginormous.


Overall, I’d highly recommend moms-to-be who suffer from Elephant Feet to give Preggers maternity compression hose a try. True to its word, it keeps the swelling at bay, or a to a minimum. Even though it’s a bit tough to put on, especially later on in the pregnancy, it’s not impossible and it pretty much comes with the territory. I really loved their colors and style since I’m all about looking cute and fashionable during this pregnancy.

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