As the Bump Grows: Week 37

August 4, 2014 As the Bump Grows, Pregnancy 1

37 Weeks! Which means I am officially FULL TERM. That takes a load off my mind, because I always worry about the baby coming too early.

Anyways, interesting fact – I went to the OB last Thursday and we had a conversation regarding my due date and it turns out that based on my last period, it’s supposed to be August 20th. The US said that it’s estimated at August 25th and I guess that’s the one I really heard or paid attention to, so I just went with that. She said that if the discrepancy is less than 7 days, then they don’t change their original due date, so they have me down as due August 20th!

All that just means that I’m technically farther along than I thought. Or not. I don’t know. These things are really just estimates anyways, and really, five isn’t too far off from seven, so I don’t know. For the purposes of my pregnancy updates and just because it’s been in my mindset for so long, I’ll just stick with August 25th. She’ll come when she’s ready regardless.

Either way, the doctor said everything looks good and my cervix is closed, so no baby any time soon.

And now for the belly shot:


I feel like she’s dropped a bit. I am definitely feeling more pressure in the lower part of my belly and I’ve been peeing slightly more, lol. Who knows.

Baby Size: As long as a stalk of swiss chard – 6.5lbs, 19in
Gender: Girl
Movement: Not a lot of crazy kicks or anything, because it’s getting tighter in there, but I feel the stretch and the pull. It’s getting quite uncomfortable.
Weight Gained: 1lb
New Pregnancy Symptoms: Just more pressure in the pelvic area and using the bathroom more.
Cravings/Aversions: Food feels kind of dull to me. I really just eat to feed the “little monster”, lol.
Sleep Changes: I’ve been sleeping pretty good. The back aches and pelvic pain are starting to come back, but they’re minimal.
How I’m Feeling: I’ve been having some mood swings lately, but nothing that I show too much. It’s like I’ll be happy one minute, then something annoys me, or a feel a wave of sadness for no reason. It doesn’t really affect me to the point where people would notice, but I do feel it.
Anything Else: The doctor is a little worried that the baby might be a bit big, given how big I am carrying and my history with BG2 being a 9lb’er. I was able to push her out fine, so she said to just try to not gain too much weight from now until delivery so BG3 doesn’t get too big. I definitely don’t want to have a c-section, so here’s hoping she’s not anything more than 9 or 10 lbs.

Thanks for following along on this journey with me. See you next week!

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