As the Bump Grows: Week 39

August 18, 2014 As the Bump Grows, Pregnancy 3

Well, we’ve made it to the final week. According to the doctors (and my LMP), she’s due on the 20th, but then I’m still sticking with the 25th. I saw the doctor last Thursday and she said everything is still quiet on the cervix front, lol. So, either she comes naturally this week, or we’re scheduling an induction on the 25th.

And now for the belly shot:


Ugh, I look like a blimp!

Baby Size: As heavy as a mini-Watermelon – 8lbs, 20in
Gender: Girl!
Movement: She stays on the right side!
Weight Gained: 1lb
New Pregnancy Symptoms: Nothing really. I few cramps and aches here and there. That’s it.
Cravings/Aversions: Still not really interested in food and just eating enough to get by.
Sleep Changes: None at all.
How I’m Feeling: Very excited and emotional. I’m so happy I had a pretty smooth pregnancy and I’m hoping for a smooth delivery (fingers crossed). Here’s to hoping she’s okay in there and will be okay once she’s out.
Anything Else: Just trying to enjoy my last week of pregnancy. Ahh!!! I can’t wait to meet her! I has an ultrasound done today to check her growth and it looks like she’s measuring in at a little over 8lbs and that everything else looks good. I was kind of hoping she’d be a bit bigger, especially since I look so huge, but I’m happy with anything over 7lbs. I guess that just means most of the belly is my fat, lol. Sigh.

Thanks for following along on this journey with me. See you next week!

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