Project BG3: Week 4 – And a Month Passes By

September 18, 2014 BG3, Project BG3 2

How can BG3 be four weeks old already?!

Time needs to slow down!

So we’ll be celebrating her one month milestone this Sunday with a party and a praying ceremony.

I can’t believe she’s almost a month old. I swear, it feels like I just gave birth to her. It has definitely been an experience with her. It’s been a couple years since I’ve done the L&D and newborn thing so I had to get used to it again and while there have been some challenging times, overall, I’ve enjoyed and reveled in the last month with her. Sometimes I look at her and I still marvel at the fact that I’m her mother and I get to raise her.

I love that she’s got a crazy head of hair, definitely different than my other two girls. She has those cheeks and that chin that I love so much. And she’s started to smile and coo in response to me! Even though she still spaces out from time to time, she’s slowly but surely focusing more. I can tell she recognizes me and it’s cute watching her interact with her sisters.

Honestly, the only thing that troubles me about her is the stomach issues. Even though I haven’t discussed it with the doctor yet, it’s clear she’s suffering from acid reflux. I don’t know whether it’s better for her to spit everything up like what BG2 did or suffer from this version of “silent reflux” that I think she has. She does occasionally throw up and it’s certain fear of mine whenever she drinks more than 2 ounces, but for the most part she’s been good on that front. Her troubles stem from what is obvious pain from the acid creeping up her throat. I swear, it breaks my heart to hear her painful cries and it is definitely a struggle to feed her at any given time, unless she’s sleeping. I don’t know. At least with BG2, she wasn’t in any pain, except gas pains, and she just threw up all the time. BG3 definitely seems like she’s in pain, or at least uncomfortable, here and there. I’m hoping once I talk to the doctor about it, he might suggest some kind of medication (like baby Zantac). I’m hesitant to try any medication, really, but if it helps to decrease the acid and lessen her discomfort, I’m all for it. I still have to wait another two weeks until her appointment though, which sucks.

Here’s hoping I, and BG3, can make it that long without either of us losing our minds.

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