Project BG3: Week 5 – Acid Reflux It Is

September 25, 2014 BG3, Project BG3 0

We’re definitely moving along because BG3 is already 5 weeks old! On the one hand, I want her to get bigger so there’s less for me to worry about and we can get to the fun parts, but on the other hand I want her to stay young and little so I can soak it all in because this is my last baby! I know, I keep saying it, but it’s bittersweet, so you’re going to be hearing that a lot from me.

Anyways, the One Month party was a success. She was a bit cranky at times, but she did let people hold her and she was able to take some naps through all the chaos and screaming because the guys were watching the football game. The party was a bit more intimate and smaller than the ones we’ve had in the past, but I didn’t mind. The important people came and that’s all that matters.

So we went to the doctor this week for her one month check up and it’s sad because she’s only up 2lbs, and 1lb was from the first week, so because of her tummy issues she’s only gained 1lb in the last 3 weeks. We discussed her symptoms and how after trying multiple formulas, nothing was working, so the doctor prescribed some Baby Zantac, because I really do believe it’s the acid burning her throat that’s causing her distress. We’ve been trying the medication since Monday and I might be speaking soon, but I am noticing a difference. She’s definitely not as fussy and not crying as much. She doesn’t fight the bottle as much either. I’m hoping this keeps up, but who knows. The only big problem now is that she’s still only drinking 1.5-2.5 ounces every 2-3 hours. Still no increase in intake. I don’t need her to be drinking 5-6 ounces or anything, but at least 3 ounces, right?! In any given day, she’ll take anywhere from 15-19 ounces, so I guess it’s okay, although if you look at recommendations, she should be taking 22-24 ounces by now (you multiple the baby’s weight by 2.5, and she’s currently 10lbs 8oz). I don’t know. Maybe I’m stressing too much about the numbers. She seems content otherwise and despite my personal preference for chubby babies, I really only want her to get enough nutrients and calories to grow right and healthy.

Well, I’m hoping that as the medication starts to take more effect, she’ll start eating more. We shall see.

Otherwise, BG3 has actually started smiling and cooing. I love interacting with her when she’s awake and I love staring at her when she’s sleeping. I’m definitely trying to get as much baby time in as possible.

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