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October 17, 2014 Bookish Events 2

It has been quite awhile since I’ve been to a bookish event, and even longer since I did a recap!

I’m slowly, but surely, getting back into reading and the blogosphere, so bear with me!

Anyways, this week I attended the Black Ice tour while here in MD. Black Ice is the newest novel from Hush, Hush author, Becca Fitzpatrick. She’s been touring for the book for some time now and she’s been doing it with the dynamic writing duo, Christina Lauren, authors of the Beautiful Bastard series who also have a new novel out called Sublime. While at this tour stop, they were joined my the ever-amusing Kami Garcia, one half of the Beautiful Creatures duo, whose sequel to her Legion series, Unmarked, was also recently released.

Pretty awesome little group of authors.

group group2

Even though the crowd was small, it was still an enjoyable event. I honestly could’ve sat there and listened to these ladies chat all night long. Oh, the stories they could tell us!

black ice

Becca told fans that her inspiration for Black Ice stemmed from a movie she’d seen as a teen where a woman went up to a lone cabin with a robotic man who became obsessed with her and basically held her captive. This inspiration story was made even more entertaining by Christina and Lauren adding their commentary, which we all laughed over.


Kami definitely has me intrigued with this series, saying it has all of her favorite things in it – sexy twins, a secret society, superstition, paranormal creatures, and a crap ton of other crazy things (except pie, of course). Kami is always a treat to listen to because she can always has stories to tell or something to say.


I was particularly excited to meet Christina Lauren. I am a big fan of their Beautiful Bastard series and Sweet Filthy Boy. They’re such a cute pair! Best friends and co-writers, they make it work by outlining together in person, usually in California (where Lauren lives), and then alternating chapters via Google Docs.

Oh yes, and there was this crazy story about how Christina’s adorable-sounding little dog getting kicked in the head by a horse! Oh lord, the crowd was rapt with attention for that story. Poor little guy was a fighter though and is perfectly fine, but it was too cute to hear her talk about how they had to put “the cone of shame” on the dog and it was too heavy for him, so his head kept tilting over. Too cute!


I loved Kami’s dress! And she’s always rocking those boots, lol.


Becca is so sweet and nice! And her hair is so pretty! Remember to try that gel nail polish!

christina lauren

I fangirled a little inside when Christina said she loved my glasses. And I had a nice chat with Lauren about my love for Max Stella.

Overall, it was a great event, made even better because I spent the night with my friend Jess from Step into Fiction (so mad we forgot to take a picture together). Love spending time with her!

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