Project BG3: Week 10 – Routine! Routine! Routine!

October 30, 2014 BG3, Project BG3 0

BG3 has been a bit cranky this week, waking up at 6AM. Poor hubby! She’ll take a morning nap around 9AM, but not for long. When I’m watching her, I notice that if she’s not being held or constantly put back to sleep, she’ll end up waking up and staying cranky. Wondering if this will continue.

She’s still sticking to an average of 18oz a day with her intake. Just waiting for when she’ll take more in. Sigh.

She’s continuing to smile and coo a lot more lately and I love it. Those faces she makes are just too hilarious. We’ve been giving her more tummy time, too, and I think she enjoys it. She’s definitely got strong neck muscles, haha. She’s starting to nibble on her hands a lot more lately and it’s the cutest thing! And she’s starting to drool! We’ve still been swaddling her for naps and during the night. She sleeps a good 3 hours before needing a feeding at night, so we feed her like 3 times at night, and she’s usually good with those. The only thing though is that girl does not like to burp at night. We can’t ever seem to get one out of her! Lol. But she burps like a champ during the day.

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