Project BG3: Week 6 – If Only You’d Eat More

October 2, 2014 BG3, Project BG3 0

Things aren’t that much different this week. The Zantac seems to be working in keeping the acid from hurting BG3, but we’re still not seeing any changes in her intake, which worries me the most. I can see this is going to be her thing that I stress over. We actually went to get a milk scan done today to see how bad the reflux is and I’m hoping it’ll give us some answers. We’ve also thought about increasing the feeding intervals to 3 hours instead of 2 to see if that makes a difference, especially at night, since that’s when she drinks the least/doesn’t really want to eat. She’s been pretty steady at about 16-19oz a day, but that’s nowhere near where she should be for her weight.

Besides the all-encompassing growth/intake concern, BG3 is doing well. She’s somewhat more alert nowadays and I just love those times when she’s quietly staring at her surroundings, especially when she’s cooing and smiling. The girls have gotten to play with her a bit more lately, which is great because they adore her so much. I love seeing them interact. Otherwise, she’s pooping fine and sleeping okay. She’s definitely more of a catnapper, choosing to sleep in little spurts during the day, but it’s not so bad at night. We can tell she already hates being in her car seat, lol.

I’m a bit sad this week because I’ll be leaving on Sunday to do another one-month rotation in MD. I seriously hate leaving my kids, even more so when I have a baby. I’m hoping I’ll have weekends off or something so I can drive home. It’ll definitely be a challenge for the hubs, but luckily we have family helping us out.

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