Project BG3: Week 9 – Gotta Love Those Stretches

October 23, 2014 BG3, Project BG3 0

So the baby is now officially two months old. She’s staying steady at almost 12 lbs. We went to the doctor on Monday and she was 11lbs 14oz. It’s not exactly where I was hoping she’d be, but she’s sitting in the 75th percentile for weight, and at least she’s gaining, so there’s that. He was worried that she might not be getting enough vitamin D, considering she’s only taking in 16-18oz a day when she should be taking in anywhere from 22oz or more. Sigh…either way, he gave us a vitamin D supplement to give her. We’re still keeping her on the Zantac for now and I hope it’s adding some benefit for her as I’m not really into giving medications.

Anyways, I”m pretty sure we’ve got a cranky butt on our hands. Like borderline colic. She’s definitely more temperamental than the other two, but boy, when that girl smiles, it truly melts my heart. Even when she doesn’t, I just look at her and can’t help but love the girl. Nowadays, we’ve gotten into a routine and things have settled down. She actually likes laying in her swing from time to time, staring at the built-in mobile and it’s always so cute seeing her wide-eyed face stare at things and people with wonder. She’s still not much of a napper though and wants to be held most of the time. If I can manage a few minutes to eat here and there, then it’s a good day, lol.

Ah, what can you do?!

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