Project BG3: Week 11 – Baby’s First Halloween & Birthday Party

November 6, 2014 BG3, Project BG3 2

This is been one heck of a week for all of us. Daylights Savings Time is over, and BG3 is trying to adjust, so we’ve had some off-kilter schedules when it came to her sleeping. She’s still sleeping like a champ at night, either stirring a bit or having me wake her up for a feeing every 3-4 hours, but she’s been waking up around 6AM, thinking it’s 7AM.

This weekend was a hectic one for us because of a couple of things: Halloween and BG1’s 10th birthday. For Halloween, I had a few errands to do during the day, so lugging her around was taxing on both of us. Then we had to get all the kids dressed and we took them trick or treating around my mom’s neighborhood. BG3 stayed wrapped up in Daddy’s hoodie while I took the kids door to door. She did look super cute in her Minnie Mouse outfit though.

Then on Saturday we spent the night at my mom’s house because we had BG1’s birthday party there. The day of the party was pretty crazy. We invited a bunch of BG1’s friends from school, plus our friends and family, so the house was packed and I was pretty busy hosting the party. She had her chill moments, but she also had some crying spells. I don’t think she napped very much that day. Needless to say, the WHOLE family was wiped out after that party and we all crashed early that night.

As far as feedings are going, she’s staying steady. No changes there. I have noticed that she’s not keen on drinking much at 4AM, lol, but she makes up for it the rest of the day and manages to get around 18oz a day still. Here’s hoping she’ll increase as she hits that 3 month mark.

A milestone happened today! I heard her first REAL laugh! And I made her laugh! I was just blowing kisses on her neck yesterday morning, which usually causes her to smile, and then she actually started laughing! It was the sweetest sound. She has yet to bless me with more laughs, but I know what I heard, haha, and I’m hoping she’ll laugh more and more as the days progress.

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