Project BG3: Week 12 – Man, That Hand Tastes GOOOOOODDDD!!!!

November 13, 2014 BG3, Project BG3 2

BG3 is laughing more and more. We’re slowly discovering all her ticklish spots and so far, it’s the right side of the neck and her feet. I love making her laugh, it’s the sweetest sound! It’s also pretty funny because her feet and neck are a bit sweaty at the end of the day, so they definitely don’t smell the best, but we can’t help but try look past all that and try to make her laugh regardless.

This girl also loves to talk and have a conversation. She’s constantly trying to chat you up and if no one is in her line of sight, she starts fussing. She’s still getting up around 6AM, and as soon as she does, she’s talking up a storm. It’s pretty fun chatting with her, although I’m constantly at a loss of what to say because my days are pretty boring, haha. I mostly just repeat her noises, use baby talk, and I’ve even started making Pokemon noises. I don’t know. Whatever it takes to entertain her!

Lately this girl has been obsessed with her hands! Every chance she gets, she’s nomming away at them, so much so you can seriously hear loud sucking sounds. You would think her hands taste like the juiciest steak you’ve ever eaten or one heck of a delicious cupcake, the way she munches on them. It’s pretty hilarious. She tends to favor her right hand, I’ve noticed. Try to take that hand away from her and be prepared for a crying fit!

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2 Responses to “Project BG3: Week 12 – Man, That Hand Tastes GOOOOOODDDD!!!!”

  1. Giselle

    Oh em geeeeee she is adorable like I just want to hug-squeeze her! I love the age where every week – even every day sometimes – there’s something new and a new milestone. Such a cutie! Enjoy it! She will be 15 before you know it! Teehee!

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