Project BG3: Week 13 – Baby’s First Cold *tear*

November 20, 2014 BG3, Project BG3 1

Sigh, yep. Poor BG3 is suffering through her first bout of sickness right now. I’m so sad! The poor girl is all congested, red-eyed, sniffly, and cranky. I just hate it when my kids are sick, and it’s even worse when it’s your baby, especially when they’re so young. Breaks my heart! As much as I was hoping she would avoid the sickness this winter, everyone has just been getting sick this season, especially with the drastic weather changes, and since she’s being watched at a sitter’s house with other kids, it was inevitable, I suppose. So yes, she’s been extra cranky, and rightfully so. I’m hoping she’ll get over this quickly.

Anyways, I love that she’s paying more attention to things lately. She manages to focus on certain things for several minutes, so we’ve brought out the rattles and other baby toys for her amusement. She also loves looking at faces, warming your heart with that adorable smile of hers.

We’re going to the Peds later this week, so fingers crossed she gained some weight. We also switched her formula again from Similac Advance to Similac Sensitive, because for the past month or so I’ve noticed she’s had borderline diarrhea-like poop. It’s not watery, but very wet and green, which has me thinking that she’s not digesting the regular formula well. Here’s hoping this changes things. I’m wary of trying soy with all the controversy, but if this doesn’t work, we’ll look towards trying other things.

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