Project BG3: Week 17 – A Bit Calmer on the Home Front

December 18, 2014 BG3, Project BG3 1

I think I tend to have one breakdown per kid. Last week was that moment for me and BG3. The lack of sleep, feeding problems, and continued fussiness over the last few months just took its toll on me and I had to vent. This week has been much better. Granted, she still has her extreme fussy moments, and they just HAVE to happen from 3-6AM every morning, SIGH, but it’s not too bad. Other than that witching hour(s), the rest of the day isn’t bad.

She really loves to chat with people and if you’re not talking to her or engaging her in any way, then she starts to fuss. A busy body already! She also loves tummy time and is really working those neck muscles. She’s got rolling over down pact, although she tends to only roll towards the right for some reason. She is also always turning her neck/head towards the right whenever we hold her, too. Those muscles on that side must be super strong.

I think we’ve slowly moved up in the feeding dept to another 4oz bottle in 24 hours. That equals a total of 6 bottles a day, give or take a day here or there. We’ve (I’ve) definitely been more lax with the whole counting ounces thing and just letting her tell us how much she wants to eat.

She’s also starting to notices objects a lot more, trying to grab for it and hold things, even if just for a few seconds. She hasn’t started munching on objects yet, only her hands, but it’s cute to put things in front of her and see her open her mouth instinctively.

Bath time has been very WET lately. She suddenly loves to splash about, especially when I wash her neck, and yeah, I’m left soaking wet in the end. It’s so cute seeing her all smiles and splashing about though, I don’t even care!

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